Thursday, October 02, 2014

Uber and Military Veterans: Uber is riding high

Uber is on the cusp of building a military veteran coalition that is ready to reduce unemployment among our heroes. A top U.S. government official agrees that Uber is giving military veterans an opportunity to make a transition into civilian life without the challenges of unemployment plaguing their finances. Uber is making good things happen for military veterans.

This Uber and military alliance is set to become a joint force that provides longevity for those military members who served to protect us. Thousands of military personnel - whether retiring and/or separating after completing service terms - are finding Uber as a great primary and secondary form of employment to carry out their career goals.

Uber supports our U.S. Armed Forces. Recruiting military veterans to become drivers is an added bonus for this ride app company. What better way than to show support for our heroes than to give them an opportunity to make a living while pursuing a second career, attending college, and/or enjoying retirement.

We salute Uber! Thank you military veterans for your service!

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