Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Steps to Lyft Deactivation: The real facts

Fear Lyft deactivating your driver account? Want to know how to know when your time at Lyft is over? On your third strike, you are out. Lyft is like professional baseball. You get two strikes and the last ends your time at the Lyft plate.

If you enjoy driving for Lyft, be careful not to lose this opportunity. An account deactivation can occur rather fast. Some former drivers didn't last long enough to receive their Pink mustache in the mail, whereas other lasted a weekend. Reaching base safely is the best way to survive at Lyft.

The first email to arrive, if ratings are below community standards, can determine your fate at Lyft. Be sure to make the first 24 rides great. Don't request passengers to help you with navigation. Passengers will compare new drivers to veteran Lyft drivers. Go all out to make the first 24 rides your top scores. If you don't, you will receive the following email to initiate the first strike.

***The following Lyft emails will arrive to push you toward deactivation.***

First Community Review Flag to arrive if star ratings are below community standards for first 24 rides: 

Hi (driver name)

Your account has been automatically flagged for driver coaching because your 4.5 star average rating is on the low end of communitystandards given your 24 most recent rides. The Lyft communitydepends on the rating system to ensure a positive experience for both drivers and passengers.

In order to continue to be a member of the Lyft driver community, you must significantly improve your ratings. Please review ourwelcome videos and Driver FAQ for tips to improve the experience for you and your passengers:
  • Friendly welcome. Pick up as close to the passenger’s request locations as possible; say hello with a smile and a fistbump.
  • Smoothest route. Ask your passengers if they have preferred routes, or use navigation to make the fastest trip.
  • Safe driving. Stay cool and positive while driving; obey traffic rules and speed limits.
  • Like a friend. Offer a phone charge or let them DJ. If they seem up for conversation, ask about their day or find your common interests. One of the best parts of Lyft is the interesting people you meet!
  • Cleanliness and comfort. Make sure you and your car are clean and welcoming, from the inside and out.
We hope these tips help you improve your participation in the Lyftcommunity.
Please let us know if you have questions,
The Lyft Community Review Team

Second email to arrive is a last warning. Now, you have two strikes and face an out. Unfortunately, the next warning is an immediate deactivation, a termination of a driver account. There are no more at bats for deactivated drivers. Your time driving with the Lyft team will be on the verge of ending. No more driving people to the San Francisco Giants and San Francisco 49ers games. No more rides to the airport. This is what Lyft drivers face once their score falls below 4.80, all four flags are activated, and poor feedback arrives.

A second email arrives, even if you improve your rating and reach near the minimum threshold. 4.77 star rating over 100 recent rides can help Uber drivers to continue performing ride services. At Lyft, a 4.77 paired with poor feedback and 4 flags will result in drivers getting butchered and thrown out like scraps. Second strike against a Lyft driving account is stressful for all drivers who experience this warning.

Second Lyft warning below:

Hi (driver name),

This is the second time our system has automatically flagged your account due to low ratings from your passengers. We sent you an initial driver coaching email on 10/07/13. Unfortunately, your 4.77 star average rating over your 100 most recent rides since the initial coaching email still puts you in the lowest 5 percent of drivers.
> This email will serve as your last chance. If your ratings do not improve or if your feedback from passengers falls short of Lyftcommunity standards, you will not be allowed to continue driving.
> Please let us know if you have questions,
> The Lyft Community Review Team
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> © Lyft 2013 | or 855.865.9553

Before driving a drunken Dutch girl who offered to navigate and didn't have any clue how to reach her home, this Lyft driver maintained a 4.82 star rating. Lyft driver pulled over and offered to input cross-streets in GPS. This trip from the Infusion Lounge to destination totalled 1.3 miles.

This female claimed she lived 1 mile away. This distance doesn't include 1-way streets in downtown San Francisco. She spent $10, but complained she usually pays $8. She could have reduced this donation to $8. Of course, she is an unintelligent rider who lacks insight to know this simply process.

Lyft driver rating before driving drunk Dutch girl:

The next morning after this Dutch girl submitted poor feedback and low star rating. This rating influenced a Lyft driver to fall below 4.80 and get deactivated. Keep in mind that minimum fares on Lyft once cost $6.

The passenger rating that got a Lyft driver deactivated: 

“Well, (Lyft driver name withheld) is really nice and a very good driver but the directions weren't that good. I was going from downtown to the corner of McAllister and Leavenworth which is really short and not more than approw. 1 mile why the route that ended me costing $ 10 was really annoying.”

Daily Lyft summary on next morning - Sunday December 15, 2013: 

Last e-mail after driver account has been deactivated. This email arrives in the evening, many hours after the driver app stops working and basically informs this driver of their fate at Lyft.

Courtesy of Lyft, we have a thank you and you are not good enough to drive for us email to deactivate a driver: 

Driver Performance (12/15/2013)
Hi (driver name)

We want to thank you for the time you've taken to be a part of the Lyftdriver community. As you know, in our constant effort to create a positive and safe community, driver accounts are continually monitored for ratings, passenger feedback and any reports of safety concerns. The star rating system allows us to identify drivers who are not performing to community standards.

As you've seen in the feedback provided in your daily and weekly driving summary emails, your star rating has been consistently low, falling well below our community standards. Unfortunately, because your ratings have not improved, your driver account is no longer active. You may still use the Lyft app as a passenger, but you will no longer be able to enter driver mode or access other driver tools.

You will receive any remaining passenger donations in your next scheduled direct deposit.
Please feel free to contact with any questions.
The Lyft Community Review Team
Lyft Performance Review Department response to deny driver access to Lyft:

 DEC 17, 2013 | 10:53AM PST Nancy T. replied: In our constant effort to create a positive and safe community, driver accounts are continually monitored for ratings, passenger feedback and any reports of safety concerns. The star rating system allows us to identify drivers who are not performing to community standards. As you’ve seen at the bottom of your driving summaries, your star rating has been consistently low over your most recent rides. Your rating did not show improvement, which means that you are no longer a part of the Lyft driver community. If you are looking for another source of supplemental income, please see information for other Peer to Peer business models: RelayRides - TaskRabbit - Thank you again for your time on the Lyft driver platform and we wish you the best. Lyft Performance Team

According to this former Lyft driver, "Lyft can shove that Pink mustache up their a**es."