Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Take a SideCar to work and get $15 off on first ride

SideCar is a ridesharing service available in 8 cities (Los Angeles and Long Beach region, San Diego, San Francisco and Bay Area, Seattle, Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C., Charlotte, N.C.) across the United States. It is a mini version of the ridesharing platforms Lyft and UberX. SideCar most vital market is in San Francisco, California.

Want to get $15 off on your first ride with Sidecar? If your ride cost less than $15, you pay nothing. The remainder of the promo goes toward the next ride.

Are you exhausted from driving to work? Need a SideCar ride to help you relax? Avoid the traffic? Avoid the hassle of parking? Avoid parking tickets? Take SideCar home from work tonight. Use SideCar to drive you to work tomorrow morning.

Save $15 off on your first ride. Enjoy SideCar's cheap rates from this point forward. They are always giving their riders an opportunity to save on current and future rides.

Visit and download the ridesharing app. Input promo code qjbxk into "Account" section below "Request a Ride" and receive a $15 ride credit. If your first ride is less than $15, you pay nothing. The remainder of this promo will apply to a future ride.

Go to and come home from work with a Sidecar!

Planning to become a SideCar driver? Use SideCar promo ride to test the ridesharing service. Watch how SideCar drivers operate. Visit the following link to sign up and become a SideCar driver today and receive a $50 bonus after giving 10 rides.