Thursday, October 02, 2014

Sign Petition to Save Shared Rides, UberPool and Lyft Line

Ridesharing services are experiencing another setback that requires your support. SideCar's Share Rides is an innovative carpool service that has delivered 13,000 riders to their destinations for a cheaper rate. It is perceived that Shared Rides is charging two riders for the same ride. The real fact is that riders split the cost of Share Rides, which won't cost them as much as if they took this trip solo.

Shared Rides are essentially a ride shared with another app user. Compare this cost to two riders sharing a cab, as opposed to a single rider electing to ride alone. Two passengers are saving money sharing a cab. Therefore, the cost of the ride is split in half to accommodate two riders. In any case, a taxi is still happy to give this ride and makes money whether one rider, two riders, or three riders, and so forth enter this cab.

Shared Rides are designed to pinpoint riders with precision and accuracy, and connect them with drivers traveling nearby that area. This in-app carpool system communicates with drivers and riders going in the same direction to improve efficiency. It is a vibrant carpool-based service that gives the rider an alternative to share a ride or ride solo. Both riders are not paying twice for this trip, it is reducing the cost of the trip to reward a rider for their time.

Shared Rides resemble carpool services and passengers choosing to share a cab ride. As a recent study on millions of rides taken in New York City, over 173 million taxi rides were shared in 2013 alone. What if New York City blocked sharing a cab ride and proclaimed this unethical? As a result, more taxis would congest the roads and make New York City a transit nightmare.

Shared Rides are not impacting the transportation market. It is not hurting the taxi industry. As any person can see on a busy night in San Francisco, taxis are more than busy. They are lined up, ready to take another rider to their intended destination. Transportation business is flowing as usual. Shared Rides work to deliver people to work during commute hours.

People know taxi rides are expensive and can't afford to use this service daily. They also know that depending on a carpool service is unreliable. However, Shared Rides is integrated into an already successful ridesharing service in SideCar.

Before making the decision to stop Shared Rides, take this service for a spin and compare it. Make a real decision in real-time to determine if this service is unfair. Because, chances are, you will see the value of a service that integrates carpooling technology into another ride service that almost went on the chopping blocks last year. People want variety, people want change.

Shared Rides, UberPool, and Lyft Line are operating this carpool service under their existing apps. Based on recent UberPool rides, riders are paying less to travel the same distance. These riders enjoy sharing a ride with another person; they are open to this service.

Does sharing a cab ride cost cheaper than using carpooling features on ridesharing apps? You be the judge and test this innovation. There is low probability Shared Rides, UberPool and Lyft Line make an uncomfortable experience. The movement to stop a rideshared is thus based on charging twice for the same ride. However, riders are paying much less and saving on their ride. Drivers who perform this carpool service are improving their efficiency, rather than waste time and gas searching for rides. This service keeps the city flowing like a stream, not block it like a dam.

Sign the petition to keep Share Rides in the ridesharing mix. Give riders what they crave - variety, innovation and change. We owe it to our world to maintain a green environment. Shared Rides, UberPool and Lyft Line can cut down waste and reduce the number of unoccupied vehicles on the road. Instead of a single rider driving to work, they will save money, have a positive trip experience, and contribute to this green movement.

Visit this link to sign the petition and show your support for Shared Rides. Thank you.