Friday, October 24, 2014

SideCar is set to unveil new app

SideCar is set to release a new driver app with vast improvements. Before this news, we already viewed SideCar's app as one of the best in the ridesharing industry.

SideCar driver app allows the drivers to choose a GPS app such as Waze, Google Maps and/or Apple Maps. A phone icon enable drivers to tap this button and call riders. Drivers are shown pickup addresses and name of rider. The prearranged cost of a trip flashes on the interface. Payments can be submitted through the app and deposited into approved bank accounts. Drivers can review previous ratings categorized under awesome rides, good rides and bad rides. Important news updates stream in the driver app. Furthermore, documents can be uploaded on this app.

Earlier in the year, some SideCar drivers struggled to get rides in-between commute hours. Back in January 2014, one SideCar driver reported not getting a ride for 9 days between these 8am-4:30pm hours. With new riders joining this ridesharing company, SideCar's rider pool has grown quite considerately. The user-friendly ridesharing app makes requesting a ride fun and efficient.

SideCar drivers will soon notice a new app that functions like Uber's heat map. It will show hot spots in color coordination, giving drivers access to vital information on where to drive. Without this map, drivers must anticipate business such as driving in areas where there is demand and research the best times and hours to operate. Choosing to drive at the wrong times can cost time and money. Fortunately, this heat map feature can tip drivers what areas are popular for ride requests. Keep in mind, this heat map feature is only available for iPhones only.

Another advantage of SideCar is showing the location of SideCar drivers on the app like Lyft. Drivers can move into these areas, or move out toward distant districts to give longer rides.

Shared Rides will be available to all drivers. This carpool service reduces downtime and increases overall earnings.

Lastly, an awesome new feature will improve pickup times. There will be a countdown clock beginning at 5 minutes. It a ride is a "No Show," the driver can mark this option and will receive a $5 cancellation fee in their driver account. On the UberX platform, drivers have been known to wait 10-30 minutes for clients inform their drivers they will be right out.

As time goes on, these clients continue to delay rides. Since there is a free pass on first-time cancellations, drivers don't receive compensation for no shows and canceled rides. It can get unsettling if drivers travel 10-30 miles to retrieve clients who agreed to wait, but then decided to take a taxi without canceling their ride. SideCar is on the right track with integrating a countdown feature to improve pickup times and compensate driver for no shows.

Congratulations to SideCar for listening to drivers and improving the driving process.