Saturday, October 18, 2014

San Francisco clients make mistakes and influence driver ratings

We thought Napa clients lacked insight on the ridesharing star rating system. However, an UberX driver shared that their time driving in San Francisco last night was a rating disaster that badly sunk their score. This driver has completed 1300 trips with UberX, noticing their overall rating dropping .03 points.

Two rude clients, back-to-back, severely impacted this driver's overall rating. This major drop in overall ratings is in result of two clients that probably rated this driver 1 star. 

The UberX driver remembers one ride in which the client requested the wrong address. This client believed they requested their home address; however, they requested a pickup at the wrong address. On the phone, the driver requested this client's current location the client mentioned they were there. The driver knew they made an error, but tried to be professional to find their location. 

The client inputted this ride destination the same as the location of their new pickup address. They made a few errors that delayed this process about 20 minutes. This driver had to resolve these address issues. He remained professional throughout this process to show respect. 

As soon as this ride ended, a client requested a ride right at this exact location. The driver pressed on "Arrived" and informed the client they would be waiting and to let them know if the address was different. The driver notified this client they were on the same side and about 20 feet away. This street was too busy to double park, so the driver wanted to make sure there was no pickup issues. 

However, this client showed his disgust outside of the car. He looked at his driver and shook his head and said I was at this address. This client couldn't walk a mere 20 feet and wanted this driver to block the entire road. It was not possible. This driver showed respect and was courteous. The client actually ordered his ride 10 minutes later than the time he was supposed to be at another location.

It was obvious this client blamed the driver for reaching this location after his agreed time. As this client scheduled to be at another destination at 12am, they didn't order this ride until almost 10 minutes later and reached about 7 minutes later from this time - 12:17. Then, this client made it tough with refusing to walk to the UberX vehicle. According to this driver, the client was rude and made comments regarding this pickup. 

The driver claimed this was one of those forgettable rides that probably impacted his overall rating score. To top it off, the driver claimed this driver smelled hella musty and left behind this terrible odor. This driver had to air out their car to get rid of the foul smell. 

These are the two San Francisco trips the driver believed are responsible for their severe .03 rating drop. This is a bad drop for them, especially because their above average score is now average and can become below average. Dropping a point in one night with 1300 rides in the books, requires a few really low scores. It is highly likely these two clients above, had a hand in driving this driver's score into the dump. 

The remainder of the trips went well. This driver already sensed these two clients would rate them low. Unfortunately, the driver had to endure these two clients who jeopardized their overall rating. 

Ridesharing drivers deserve better treatment than what is displayed above. It makes no sense to give these drivers a tough time. They are giving up their night to drive clients safely and efficiently. In return, clients disrespect their drivers and hurt their score. If drivers reach a minimum score, they can get deactivated and lose their ridesharing job. It is important not to blame drivers for your mistakes.