Thursday, October 02, 2014

Sacramento Kings and Uber unite as a team

Sacramento Kings and Uber unite to transport basketball fans to Sleep Train Arena. It is the first pro sports and ride app partnership to team up. Sports fans are usually drinking alcohol, parking cost money, and waiting in traffic is no fun. Uber is equipped with the ride power to deliver fans to and from games. This upcoming Sacramento Kings season will open with Uber's app made available on the Kings app.

As loyal Sacramento Kings fans, we are excited to see two successful organizations team up. Whereas the Kings are rebuilding to reclaim their dominance in the Western Conference, so is Uber with strategically positioning themselves to achieve long-lasting sustainability.

We only ask whether parking attendants at Sleep Train Arena will allow Uber vehicles to enter without charging these drivers for parking. How will this be arranged to avoid delays? Traffic is a concern at professional sporting events; therefore, clients must request rides far ahead of game time.

As this partnership is gaining steam, it is safe to say that Uber is pulling ahead of Lyft. What will Lyft do next? Can they survive this competitive market? Will Golden State Warriors recruit Lyft? Are riders tired of fist-bumping and Pink mustaches?

Uber is now integrated in the Kings' app. Kings fans and avid basketball fans can now request rides from home, restaurants, bars and/or their office to reach Sacramento Kings home games, as well as the inverse of taking rides back home an/or for a night out to celebrate a Kings wins.

This is a unique partnership that we see becoming successful, especially with sporting events increasing demand for such rides in a transportation-heavy market.

Go Kings! Go Uber!

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