Thursday, October 16, 2014

Napa Uber client and colleague exit a Lyft after smelling Weed

According to a current Uber client and Napa resident who uses ridesharing services in San Francisco for business purposes, her colleague and her exited a Lyft immediately after smelling marijuana. She refused to take a Lyft ride again. This is not the first time we heard from clients concerning marijuana use in Lyft rides.

A recent UberX client shared that he took a Lyft and noticed that his driver decorated the inside of their ride with paraphernalia memorabilia. This Lyft ride reeked of weed. In our opinion, this is an action we will never witness in a SideCar and/or a Uber ride. Lyft drivers go to great lengths to get attention. Somehow, Lyft drivers fail to comply with the law.

Last year in a Lyft ride, a driver declined a Lyft passenger offering to sell him heroine. A client taking UberX on a late Sunday morning, several months ago, shared that she smoked weed inside Lyft rides often. Another UberX client who took a ride into Union Square area to work, claimed that her friends smoked weed inside Lyft rides with a driver also partaking in this act.

This is probably one argument a taxi driver may win. People get comfortable and do unexpected things. Alcohol is another problem. Riders believe that since they are riding inside a personal vehicle, it is acceptable to drink open containers and/or out of flasks.

Professional ridesharing drivers fear these clients/passengers/riders who unknowingly enter their vehicles with alcohol and illegal drugs. Unfortunately, Napa clients put drivers at risk with leaving open containers left on floorboards.

Ridesharing drivers must examine the back car space to remove any high risk items. Check the floorboard and in the side door panels. For the most part, clients/riders/passengers are disrespectful for putting their drivers at risk. It is unfair to do this and can result in severe consequences.

On another occasion, a driver noticed a few open cups of alcohol left on the floorboard. They had to shutdown their app and dispose of these cups. How will the next group of riders respond if they found open containers of alcohol in the backseat?

Ridesharing companies may avoid answering questions whether alcohol and drug use take place in vehicles. It is a touchy subject that we rarely see advertised about ridesharing services.

Facts are facts. Drivers experience the worst of people. Passengers are fully aware that drivers are wrapped around their fingers. They know the star rating system put drivers at risk of deactivation.

If we conduct a survey for drivers and passengers to identify drug and alcohol use in ridesharing vehicles, we can measure the percentage of these samples. One driver shared that out of thousands of rides, drug use has been mentioned 5% of the time.

Driver must keep an eye on their passengers to prevent drug use. However, alcohol is another problem because some riders hide open containers and leave empty bottles and cups behind.

The only ridesharing company we never heard connected to drug use is SideCar. Most SideCar riders under the influence use this ridesharing service to get home. Fortunately, there are no vomiting incidences reported from SideCar drivers. This means this ridesharing company has responsible riders. SideCar drivers can expect to drive in a positive environment.

Lyft is the most common ridesharing company to have vomiting passengers. These Lyft passengers don't care whether they vomit inside Lyft ridesharing vehicles.

Drug use and open containers are also notable and serious issues inside Lyft rides. This may not occur often, but several riders have shared drug use stories. There are Lyft drivers who these passengers shared that smoked weed with them after a trip ended. Alcohol is a prevalent issue among riders who refuse to follow the law.

Last year, a new Lyft passenger named Ford shared a story about smoking a bowl pack with another Lyft driver. As this passenger was a new resident of San Francisco, this Lyft driver welcomed him with weed. Weed is not just weed in California. As a right now, marijuana is illegal in California.

No drug use has been witnessed inside UberX rides. SideCar is also exempt from this drug use debate, as there are no reports of this behavior from SideCar drivers. Nonetheless, Uber clients know of other friends who have smoked weed with Lyft drivers. For some unknown reason, Lyft passengers have requested to smoke weed in Lyft rides.

Professional ridesharing drivers have a responsibility to prevent drug and alcohol use in rides. They can decline this passenger, especially if they notice any alcohol or drug use going on. Lyft will act as if they don't know open containers and drug use don't take place in their rides. It does. Lyft needs to get with the program and deactivate offending drivers instead of hard working and loyal drivers.

We will hold an anonymous poll to demonstrate what goes on in Lyft rides. Facts are facts.