Monday, October 13, 2014

Leave the car home and take a free $15 ride with SideCar to work

SideCar is a ridesharing service based out of San Francisco and is also available in 8 cities across America. Right at this moment, SideCar drivers are ready to drive riders to work. If you haven't noticed any SideCar cars on the road, their identifying trade dress is orange Mox (mirror covers). 

SideCar is giving out $15 ride credit to new riders. The cost to take a SideCar is relatively cheap. A rider will see the cost of their trip ahead of time, so there are no surprises at the end of a ride. 

No matter if a driver gets lost or there is traffic on the road, the price of a SideCar remains the same. At the end of a trip, if the destination has changed, your SideCar driver will be asked if you requested this address change. If so, then this ride cost can change. It'll increase the cost of this ride because a third address will be calculated into the mix to extend time and distance.   

A = pickup address, while B = destination. Ending a ride at C point creates an additional fare that is tacked onto point B. 

Most SideCar passengers agree that this ridesharing service is awesome. SideCar is the only ridesharing app to feature a favoriting driver selection and a blocking passenger option. Therefore, passengers who enjoy their drivers can likely ride with them again. Drivers who drive tough riders can block them via passenger filters. 

SideCar passengers can choose different drivers, cars, and ETAs. The cost of trips vary due to drivers operating in a marketplace in which they can set minimum and maximum rates. This is the reason one ride cost one price, whereas another is double to triple that amount. 

Pass the SideCar promo code to co-workers, friends, family, classmates and all those who you know will value this ride service.  

Download the free SideCar app at and input promo code qjbxk to receive $15 instant ride credit. 

Enjoy the savings. Ride with a ridesharing leader. Take SideCar for a spin today.