Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's official! Uber struck deal to operate at SFO by signing permit for UberX

Recently, SideCar got approved to operate at SFO, the first airport permit of its kind for ridesharing services. Now, Uber agreed upon a deal to operate at SFO, another important moment for ridesharing.  We also heard that Lyft has signed a permit to operate at SFO, as well. San Francisco is leading the ridesharing movement, with SideCar, UberX and Lyft all permitted to drop-off and pick-up riders at SFO beginning on a set date in November.

As of right now, UberX drivers can only drop-off clients at SFO. In less than 30 days, UberX will be fully functional at SFO; drivers will be permitted to enter SFO for airport pick-ups. TNCs will line-up in a queue system like taxis. Airport fares - whether making drop-offs and pick-ups - are the best paying trips. Airport pick-ups can result in San Francisco and Bay Area destinations.

UberX Partners now have the luxury to enter SFO and make drop-offs within the next month. Needless to say, this is groundbreaking - a time reflect on how far ridesharing have come since the TNC formed in mid September 2013. We have three major ridesharing companies leading the transportation movement. These ridesharing services have traveled a long way, improving how people travel through providing affordable, convenient rides on-demand.

Congratulations to Uber for signing this SFO permit to operate there. Three major ridesharing companies are ready to expand their horizon and boost their service offerings.