Thursday, October 02, 2014

Holding Promotion for new UberX and SideCar drivers who sign up to drive using links on this website

We are holding a special promotion for all new drivers who click on links on this website to sign up to become a ridesharing driver with UberX and SideCar. What we can offer new drivers is support. If you run into a situation, you can send us an e-mail and/or a text message.

Whenever new drivers sign up with UberX and SideCar, there are only a few who actually complete their qualified trips. These are the motivated drivers who are on a mission to make things happen. One SideCar driver went out there and completed 150+ rides in less than a month. That's awesome!

Another UberX driver completed their rides in a few months. This driver took extra time, but we appreciate the effort on their part.

The remainder of active drivers are still waiting to get on the road. Some drivers only completed 1 ride each, which is quite shocking since ridesharing drivers know there is money to be made on busy nights. We actually believed that these SideCar drivers would go out there and give 10 rides to get their $50 bonus.

Lyft drivers who sign up on this website to become UberX drivers will receive two movie tickets and a gift card to have dinner. It's dinner and a movie after 20 rides are completed and bonus is paid out. This is our incentive to you to get on the road and give rides. We know of UberX drivers who can complete 20 rides in 8 hours, where several of these trips are long.

New drivers are given special bonuses to complete rides. We want to see you succeed as ridesharing drivers and as hard working people. Therefore, we really need your support to sign up on this website to become drivers and go out on the road and give those rides.

Once you sign up to become a ridesharing driver with our SideCar and/or UberX links, contact us via the Contact Form located on the top panel of this website. We can provide you 1-month support. This means if you are nervous to take the road, or you experience problems with the ridesharing app, we are here for you to calm any fears and reduce stress. If support is slow and you need help, send us a quick e-mail and/or text message.

Sign up to become a ridesharing driver on this website. Submit your information using the Contact Form so we can provide you ridesharing support. We may be able to help you reach your ridesharing goals. As Tom Cruise uttered in his blockbuster Jerry MaGuire movie, "Help me, Help You".

The several SideCar drivers who need to complete 10 rides, please complete those trips because you will receive a bonus and you can make extra money. It also keeps us operable, helping drivers and passengers to improve their ridesharing experience. Get on the road and make it happen. Do what that SideCar driver did with completing 150+ rides in 3 weeks. Needless to say, this is an amazing accomplishment. For those new UberX drivers, make it happen. Good luck!

Remember Lyft drivers applying to become an UberX driver. It's dinner and a movie if you complete your rides within a month. This is an incentive for Lyft drivers to get on the road as an UberX driver.

Happy Ridesharing!