Tuesday, October 28, 2014

GETT is paying drivers double the per minute pay than Uber and Lyft in NYC


GETT is a rival taxi app ready to take on Lyft and Uber in NYC. It is making a bold offer to drivers who join their ride platform. Will GETT sustain their ride business under these lucrative incentives?

To name a few of their impressive stats, the GETTaxi 9 (launched in 2010) website shared that they raised $80 million in funding, cater to Fortune 500 companies, have 10 million users, 20,000 taxis available, and operate in 24 cities.

Drivers are set to receive $.70 per minute, which is more than double Uber and Lyft. Given this per minute average, drivers who exceed 20 hours per week will receive a $200 bonus. GETT is giving their drivers $500 to refer friends to drive on their ride platform.

According to the GETT website, drivers must hold a TLC license and maintain a current base.

GETT is advertising on its website that $10 rides are available in Manhattan until the end of 2014. Therefore, this taxi app claims that GETT drivers will take passengers anywhere in Manhattan for $10. Can drivers make money giving these $10 rides? Is this $10 ride an initial offer to get new riders? GETT is making it known they are offering better pay for licensed drivers.

GETT is another 4-character dot com domain promoting their ride app. Uber and Lyft are the other two ridesharing companies operating in NYC.

GETT drivers make a $200 bonus for working 20 hours per week or more. Like Uber and Lyft, drivers can work whenever they prefer on the GETT platform.

Have a TLC license? GETT onboard and make a mint driving on this taxi app platform.