Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Get $20 off on first ride with UberX: Use in any city where Uber operates

Heard of Uber yet? This trendy ridesharing service is the top ride app in the transportation spectrum right now. If you haven't joined the ride app movement yet, get onboard and have an exciting experience. Get customized rides to anywhere you prefer.

Getting tired of using taxicabs? Have rude taxi drivers deny you a ride? Taxis speed past cars and yell at motorists? Pay a bundle to take a taxi to the airport?

UberX is the most affordable ride platform on Uber. It is far cheaper than a taxi. Personal drivers use nice, clean vehicles to drive you. Once you join Uber, you input a pickup address and watch your driver in real-time come to pick you up.

Once your driver reaches you, you can enter their vehicle and travel to any destination. Want to speed up the process? Input your destination ahead of time so your drive will see this upon pickup.

Do you know that you can download this free Uber app at for both iPhone and Android phones? Input promo code ts958u in the account section where it states, "Add Promo Code" to receive an automatic $20 off on your first ride.

With rates as cheap as they are in Los Angeles, you can travel at least 14 miles for $20. Use less than $20 and retain credit for next ride. Use greater than $20 and pay the remainder of the fare using your stored credit card which Uber claims is secured and safe.

Get a fare quote in the app to calculate a trip. Keep in mind that trips may cost more or less depending on traffic, road conditions, and special events. Whereas distance may remain the same, the time of the ride can vary. Uber is the best way to travel around. Take Uber and share your experience at

Download Uber app at Input promo code ts958u and get $20 ride credit. If you prefer a good ride without the red carpet treatment, use UberX to get the cheapest ride on the Uber platform. Want a fancy black car service? SUV service? These rides cost more than UberX, but are top-notch services available to all Uber clients. Pick and choose your Uber ride.

Uber is available in many cities across the United States and across the world. Ride Uber today!