Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Double Trade Dress

Ridesharing drivers are wearing double trade dresses and operating two ride apps at one time. On the Bay Bridge this past Sunday, a ridesharing driver shared that a white Toyota station wagon was wearing an Uber "U" and a small pink Mustache at the same time.  Nevertheless, wearing double trade dress is unprofessional.

Trade dress is mandatory under TNC rules and laws. According to ridesharing companies, the CPUC will issue $1000 fines to ridesharing drivers who are operating without the proper trade dress. To this very day, there are UberX drivers still using the "U" light, which Uber shared with all Partners that this previous trade dress is no longer valid. Only the "U" sent in the mail on the paper stock is acceptable.  Read more about TNC trade dress here.  

Ridesharing drivers are known to work under multiple ridesharing companies. This is acceptable and not prohibited. However, ridesharing drivers should know better than to wear the wrong trade dress. A driver reported using Lyft for the first time. This Lyft driver showed up with no Pink Mustache and an Uber "U" trade dress. The passenger asked if this is Lyft, which the driver confirmed it was. 

We know drivers who never wear the wrong TNC trade dress. If they are operating under Uber, they don the "U" trade dress. Furthermore, if these drivers choose to drive for Lyft and SideCar, they wear appropriate trade dress such as a Pink Mustache or the SideCar orange MOX. It is very easy to pull to the side of the road or in a parking lot to change trade dress. 

New small Pink mustaches are now displayed on dashboards. SideCar MOX are still valid TNC trade dress. The Uber "U" is the authorized as an approved trade dress. 

Make certain to wear the appropriate trade dress at the right time. If ridesharing make pickups wearing another trade dress, this is likely to go against the TNC rules. Focus on one ridesharing company at a time and don't risk getting into hot water over wearing the wrong trade dress.