Thursday, October 02, 2014

Don't leave Uber phones in car

Still use an Uber phone to give rides? It is a reliable phone that rarely drops a ride request. As Uber drivers rely on this phone to connect them with rides, it is of the uttermost importance to avoid leaving this device in unattended vehicles. Why should drivers never leave an Uber phone inside their unattended vehicles?

If a robber breaks into a driver's vehicle and steals this phone, this driver will be unable to get on the road. There is no way to connect with clients on Uber's platform without this phone. Imagine losing an Uber phone on Friday night and missing out on a valuable weekend driving. Replacing this lost/stolen phone with another Uber phone and making up the cost of the lost phone can become a major financial setback.

Don't leave an Uber phone inside an unattended vehicle. Think of this Uber phone as money because it is a device that makes a driver money. Without this phone, a driver is not permitted to drive clients. Unfortunately, there is no ideal way to connect with clients and give rides.

The Uber phone is the bread and butter of ride apps. Think about turning in this Uber phone and get the app uploaded on a personal phone. Before making this decision, the Uber phone operates on the Verizon network and rarely experiences technical difficulty connecting drivers with clients.

However, AT&T service has dropped ride requests on Lyft and SideCar. This action has affected a driver's reliability. This cellular service carrier seems to experience trouble in large cities with tall buildings, inside units, in the mountains and on the coastline.

Don't leave Uber phones in cars to avoid break-ins. Also, make sure to bring your Uber phone with you to avoid wasting time coming back to retrieve this vital device. If you drive into a city and forget this phone, you will need to make a trek back home. Keep track of this Uber phone at all times. View this Uber phone as money, the foundation that keeps you driving to earn income.

Happy Ridesharing!