Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Clients/Riders/Passengers are always Right

Ridesharing drivers must remember to follow this philosophy - clients/riders/passengers are always right. No matter how frustrating your trip becomes, never give in to any conflict. A client/rider/passenger represents the foundation of ridesharing services. Without their business, the ridesharing industry would cave in and bottom out.

For the most part, ridesharing drivers deserve a great deal of respect for dealing with many diverse clients/riders/passengers. It is not an easy job to perform ridesharing services. It is not the fun and games that Lyft makes this part-time and/or full-time driving job out to be. Thank you ride app drivers for all you do and we appreciate your time and effort.

The number #1 rule in ridesharing services is to avoid and/or resolve conflict. If clients/riders/passengers want to create conflict, diffuse this attempt through being nicer. Never let them phase you, frustrate you.

Drunk people don't always make the most ideal clients/riders/passengers. They are loud, obnoxious and over-the-top. These clients/riders/passengers yell out the window to draw attention, making it known their actions are juvenile.

On occasions, some Lyft passengers have lectured, screamed and yelled at Lyft drivers. Nevertheless, Lyft passengers use the star rating system as a tool to control their drivers. They instruct their drivers to speed up, run red lights, run stop signs, and don't wait for pedestrians. This is all because they are running late to work and/or to special events. No matter what happens, don't sink to their level.

On SideCar, an infamous female rider was extremely rude. It was obvious she had a little too much to drink. She reeked of alcohol. She barked orders. This SideCar driver refused to entertain her conflict; he remained professional throughout this ride.

On UberX, there have been quite a few tough clients. However, UberX drivers shared that they know clients represent the main source of their earnings and want to set a good example. Never lecture clients. Don't tell clients they are wrong. Don't speed up and slow down fast. Don't run speed bumps fast. Never wear frustration on your sleeve. Listen to clients. Show respect for clients.

Ridesharing services are as tough as any service jobs. In dealing with many diverse clients/riders/passengers, chances are that conflict will enter your car space. Remember that rides don't last forever. Look at the ETA on your GPS device. This is how much longer you have with this client/rider/passenger.

Make clients/riders/passengers remember you. Make each trip a memorable experience. How can you go above and beyond to represent your ridesharing company in a positive light?

As a ridesharing driver, you are the topping that enhances every trip. Make it a habit, a ritual to accept that clients/riders/passengers are always right.

Happy Ridesharing!