Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Clients sip water and leave it in car

UberX drivers are courteous enough to supply their clients with water. We heard that quite of few clients open these waters and sip a few drops, and then leave these bottles in the cup holders. It is wasteful to drink a few drops and not think that these .5 liter water bottles can cost money.

At the airport, water cost $3.95-$6. Why should ridesharing drives spend their hard earned money on water, when clients don't appreciate this kind gesture? If you're a ridesharing driver and drive often, limit the perks. Clients take these extras for granted. They sip water and even finish it and toss these plastic bottles on the floor.

Ridesharing drivers share that they are constantly cleaning up after clients. Somehow, people think that driving in personal vehicles resemble public transportation. Never, never, never give any clients gum. If you do, these clients will stick this gum on your car seat or toss it to the floor.

Lyft passengers vomit in vehicles. They don't care enough to prevent this mess. Ridesharing drivers provide them with vomit bags, but their pride gets in the way. These rider(s) think they can hold their liquor. Don't offend them with vomit bags. Do tell any rider to keep an eye on their co-rider and offer them to use the vomit bags to help their sick friend and/or significant other.

As for water, purchase small bottles. Riders waste water. They leave full bottles in cup holders instead of taking this water with them. One female rider ate a burrito in a luxury car, and then sipped water. She didn't take this full bottle with her, wasting a perfectly good amount of water.

Save yourself the money. Don't worry about star ratings. If you keep giving water, your clients will waste this and not appreciate the extra perk. Focus on driving safely and reach destinations on time. Supply phone charging cords to accommodate clients low on phone juice.

Want to give clients water? Offer this water in morning commute hours and on airport runs. However, limit water on weekend nights and during bar runs. If a client requests some water, have a few bottles of water readily available in drive door panel to give them. Don't offer water to every rider; otherwise, you'll be spending a fortune buying cases of water per day.

Happy Ridesharing!