Friday, October 17, 2014

Car repairs and issues ground ridesharing drivers

Ridesharing drivers face wearing their personal vehicles out and losing income. These car problems can happen at any moment, so drivers must seize the moment when times are going good. Driving in big cities will cause big problems. Bad roads, up and down hills, constant starting and stopping, and recurring traffic put strain on vehicles. Car repairs will ground drivers and impact their driving.

Ridesharing drivers don't have the luxury to lease another vehicle. If their approved vehicle goes down, so does their income. They can't make a quick call to get another car and get on the road. This is it for them until their vehicle is repaired. Without this vehicle, ridesharing drivers will watch the parade go by without enjoying the excitement.

Potential car problems can and will ground drivers. Serious engine problems, cooling issues, unplanned mechanic failure, tires, brakes, damaged axles, water pump, engine failure, and everything else involving wear and tear and maintenance can occur once partaking in ridesharing services. Personal vehicles are not built to last under extreme driving conditions.

This is another reason taxi drivers have a huge advantage over ridesharing drivers. Taxi drivers can lease taxis, drive passengers, and go home and sleep without worrying whether driving the next day is possible. There are no maintenance and car issues to ponder on. Taxi drivers are in a golden position to receive their fares fast. They also get tips that UberX drivers can't get because the Uber app disallows this action. The taxi industry worries about ridesharing companies, but fail to look at the real facts that ridesharing is not sustainable. Drivers will spend more than they make to rideshare. This is in result of car repairs, gas cost, maintenance, and wear and tear on personal vehicles.

For the most part, ridesharing drivers can experience major car problems and miss a few weeks, even months of driving. Unfortunately, ridesharing drivers who run into car problems can't lease another vehicle right away to salvage the week and/or weekend. They must get all vehicles approved. It is imperative that ridesharing drivers get two vehicles or more approved on a driving account. Taking this action can help them to avoid missing valuable driver promotions and busy days, nights and weekends. If that personal vehicle breaks down, the driver will struggle. If a car gets stolen, there is no ridesharing. No gas. No driving. Delayed direct deposit. No driving.

Don't run your personal vehicle into the ground. If it's too good to be true, then it's false. Believe you can make $70-$100k driving 100+ hours per week? Fail to factor in the mere fact that your personal vehicle will be put in a junkyard soon? Go out and drive 100,000+ miles on your personal vehicle under intense circumstances and conditions and see where ridesharing leaves you. How much of a profit do you think will enter your bank account? If you consider all angles and still want to drive, this decision is on you.

The more you drive, the more your personal vehicles will cost you. Schedule routine maintenance, get car repairs, and be careful on the roads. It is not all fun and games. Ridesharing services can be fun, but drivers are nothing without an approved car. You can't just drive any vehicle you want. It has to be approved on a driver account, or you're breaking the TNC laws.

Happy Ridesharing!