Thursday, October 30, 2014

Beware of San Francisco Giants World Series Celebration: Drunks, Riots, and Destruction

image source & credit: Jessica Christian/The Chronicle -
San Francisco Giants just won the first Game 7 World Series in their franchise history. Even more impressive, the Giants won this Game 7 as a road team and this hasn't happened in 35 years. In 1979, the Pittsburgh Pirates were down 1-3 and won Game 5 at home, Game 6 in Baltimore and finished off the comeback with a 4-1 victory.

Stats and history together, this great feat has lasted 35 years until the 2014 San Francisco Giants remarkably recovered from a lackluster 10-0 in Game 6 and delivered a knockout punch in Game 7 3-2. Their outstanding performance flipped the script from the same pitching matchup in Game 3, reversing their misfortune in losing that game 3-2. Congratulations San Francisco Giants on 2014 World Series!

San Francisco is going wild right now! They love their Giants! As in previous years, police in riot gear are controlling a disruptive crowd and trying to contain riots from getting out of hand. Nevertheless, fireworks, fires, broken bottles and noise pollution are bombarding King and 3rd Street, next to AT&T Park, the home of the San Francisco Giants.

Pictures on show a fire breaking out near 22nd and Mission Street, a mere 6 blocks from 16th and Mission BART station. Market Street also took a wild hit, as well. According to SFGate, smell of marijuana smoke and booze filled the air. This is the dark celebration, whereas the positive fans cheered on their San Francisco Giants making history at the Civic Center.

As ridesharing drivers, you must be careful dealing with these rowdy people. Chances are you will deal with a ride request from rowdy fans and drunk people. If you get into some conflict, don't expect your ridesharing company to respond fast. They take forever to reply back on serious issues.

Make the call to accept clients/passengers/riders, or cancel the ride. You are not obligated to drive clients if you feel these trips will result in conflict. Drunk riders don't give a squat about you. They will vomit, delay rides, and cause trouble. Think twice to drive these people. They may be so rowdy that you will endure damage to your car. Watch out for projectile objects such as bottles and rocks.

Use precaution driving in San Francisco. Expect Halloween events and the San Francisco Giants parade this Friday to be wild. Get your vomit bags and gloves ready. Unfortunately, one vomit incident will end your night. Be prepared for the worst. Stay vigilant.