Monday, October 13, 2014

An UberPool ride to remember

An UberX driver recently completed their first UberPool trip without being an active driver on this carpooling system.  Needless to say, this was a unique experience that went well.

Important reminder: Any UberX driver active during an UberPool request will receive such trips.

On early Sunday morning, an UberX driver noticed a surge in SoMa. This driver approached the high demand area and received an UberPool request. They thought nothing of this UberPool request, as previous UberPool clients have requested these rides and usually rode solo.

For the most part, this UberX driver got to experience a real UberPool for the first time. At a 2.5x surge, the driver picked up their first client. They accepted this client, both knowing another rider would join this trip to the airport.

How was this matching possible? Under the UberPool system, clients who input destinations can be easily matched up with clients going in the same direction.

In this case, both clients were nearby and requested trips to the airport. One requested an International dropoff, whereas the other ended on a domestic gate drop.

Airport trips are the best in-city trips. They are the jackpot rides that most drivers celebrate, once a client mentions going to the airport and/or when an airport trip is entered as a destination in the Uber app. Imagine the thrill of forgetting about the 2.5x surge and just enjoying this trip with two UberPool clients, one experiencing this carpooling service for the first time.

The female client and this driver had a good conversation. Then, the driver asked if the male client was doing good. Both clients and the driver had a good conversation about ridesharing services in America and abroad. This UberX driver shared that these two clients were extremely pleasant to drive.

Once this driver reached the airport, the Uber app instructed them to drop the first ride off in the International section. The prompt informs the driver to confirm this drop-off, and then move on to make the last drop-off in Domestic departures.

Again, the prompt instructs the driver to confirm the last drop-off. In the end, the driver can see the cost of this trip and also rate the two clients. This UberX driver realized the high demand enabled them to receive a nice surged ride priced at 2.5x. Both clients split the cost of this trip.

UberPool is a real winner. If a client doesn't join UberPool as a second rider, a client who is riding solo will receive 20% off their trip. This is a great incentive to use UberPool. It also helps that two clients can break the ice to make a trip fun and rewarding.

Get your Uber or share an UberPool today, tonight or tomorrow morning. Enjoy Ubering!

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