Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Allow SideCar to give you free $15 ride credit on your first ride: Watch the San Francisco Giants play St. Louis Cardinals in the NL Championships

Are you a San Francisco Giants fan? Want to enjoy watching the game without worrying about driving drunk and/or getting stuck in traffic? Parking too expensive?

SideCar is ready to make your day. They are offering free $15 ride credit to new riders. They highly promote their ridesharing services for professional baseball games in their 8 operable cities across America.

As you know, the San Francisco Giants are playing the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League Championship series. Why not take a SideCar to watch Game 4 and Game 5 at AT&T Park? Have a cool SideCar driver take you, your family and/or friends to the Giants game.

What better way to use SideCar for the first time than to receive a free $15 ride credit. This $15 ride credit can take a rider far in San Francisco. If any ride credit is remaining, a rider can use this on their next ride.

Watch the San Francisco Giants with SideCar. Live in the East Bay, North Bay, South Bay and anywhere else in the Bay Area? SideCar vehicles are available to drive you to San Francisco. As cost varies because drivers operate in a marketplace, you can choose a quicker ETA and/or a better price.

Take your first SideCar ride today. Join the ridesharing movement. Make SideCar your first experience. If you already use ridesharing services, then you will find SideCar an awesome experience.

Visit to download the free ridesharing app. Input promo code qjbxk into the "add promo code" in the Account section to receive an instant $15 ride credit to use on future rides. Use SideCar today, right away! If your ride is less than $15, you can use the remainder of this credit toward future rides. However, a ride that is in excess of $15 will be charged the difference.

Enjoy SideCar! Go Giants!