Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Taxi driver claims that ridesharing drivers don't have to wear trade dress

As you may know, trade dress is mandatory to wear while performing ridesharing services. Ridesharing companies claim that the California Public Utilities Commission will fine ridesharing drivers $1,000 if trade dress is not properly displayed.

A few weeks ago, a taxi driver who claimed to drive on Uber's platform indicated that trade dress is not mandatory. He shared that ridesharing companies make their drivers believe this trade dress is required when it is not the law to wear this TNC brand identifier.

If you perform ridesharing services, the safe bet is to always wear the proper trade dress. A ridesharing client shared that on a recent trip in Los Angeles, a Lyft driver picked his brother and him up at LAX wearing an Uber trade dress while under the Lyft ride platform.

In our best opinion, wear the right trade dress for the right ridesharing company. If you switch between the services, pull your car over and change trade dress. It is unprofessional to arrive in another trade dress under a different company.

SideCar drivers wearing MOX shouldn't be picking up UberX clients. Lyft drivers wearing Pink mustaches wouldn't look professional picking up SideCar riders. An example of this is wearing an In & Out Burger uniform to work at McDonalds. This could get you reprimanded for failing to comply with uniform standards.

Don't listen to taxi drivers or others who tell you that trade dress is not recommended and the CPUC will not give out $1000 fines. The safe bet is to always wear this trade dress and keep this on even during breaks. If you forget to put this trade dress on after taking a break, you risk getting fined for not properly identifying your TNC affiliation. Don't forget this trade dress.

Taxi drivers may serve up bad advice to get ridesharing drivers off the road. It is a good way to trick uninformed drivers as a strategy to minimize competition. Wear proper trade dress.

Read the following CPUC website to better understand what is required of TNC drivers.

Source: CPUC & Ridesharing Companies notifications regarding trade dress