Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Why would an Uber driver risk their job to avoid a fine?

High speed chase
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We watched a video on LaTimes.com covering an Uber driver who attempted to flee a taxi inspector and drove like he was on the Nascar® circuit. This Uber driver informed his passengers he couldn't stop or risked a $2000 fine. Why risk an awesome driving job with flexibility to avoid a $2000 fine?

People make things worse. They flee to avoid a traffic citation. They push the metal to the pedal to escape a minor offense. What is it with society nowadays that accepting personal responsibility is frowned upon?

This Uber driver could have accepted this fine and earned the money back in a few weeks. It may have financially sunk him for the time being, but at least he would have a job to make a living.

Now, this Uber driver got deactivated and will likely face legal issues. Talking about "1" star service. Uber clients should watch this video and know what qualifies a driver to receive a "1" star rating.

There are too many riders submitting "1" star ratings just to avoid a talkative driver. They fire out "1" star ratings for them being late and shifting this blame to the driver. A driver is rated a "1" star for clients missing the coupon deadline time at a winery.

An off-duty UberX driver gave a "1" star rating to another UberX driver for having to take a slight detour. This driver submitted a fare review to fix the price, but the off-duty UberX driver was not as forgiving.

"1" star ratings are abused to hurt drivers.

Imagine if you were traveling in this wild ride, then you would know what "1" star service feels like. Watch this video on LaTimes.com here