Monday, September 08, 2014

UberX drivers get no tips

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UberX drivers work extremely hard to transport clients to their destinations. They deal with many competing personalities and must manage these clients to promote the image of Uber and provide great service.

Unfortunately, UberX drivers don't get tips. On the Uber app, there is no tipping option. Many clients asked why the app doesn't allow them to tip the driver.

Lyft and SideCar drivers can get tipped with increasing the amount above the recommended fare. However, UberX drivers are losing out hundreds of dollars per month because there is no tipping feature integrated in the Uber app.

Clients want to tip. They prefer to tip using their stored credit card. Restaurant servers work for tips. If no tip section is present on a receipt, customers may forget to add a tip. The same goes for all tipping jobs where customers can receive tips for their service. Taxis get tips.

Out of the three ridesharing platforms, UberX is the only one that doesn't feature a tip section. Clients have expressed interest to tip their UberX drivers. In the near future, Uber may want to look into integrating a tip feature so their UberX drivers can get rewarded for providing great service.

Happy Ubering!