Friday, September 19, 2014

UberX client shares he hates Lyft fist-bumping

An UberX client recently shared with his UberX driver that he will never take a Lyft because of their fist-bumping requirements. He admitted this fist-bumping was over-the-top and too outlandish.

Fist-bumping is a standard culture at Lyft. New Lyft drivers are expected to fist-bump one another while sharing personal stories of their inspiration to become a Lyft driver. It appears that Lyft is spreading their ridesharing influence based on the Pink mustache trade dress and fist-bumping antics. 

The main reasons ride app users dislike Lyft are:
  • Fist-bumping
  • Pink mustache
  • Facebook sign-in
  • Rude drivers
  • Impatient drivers
  • Lyft drivers trying to get phone numbers to hook-up
  • Over personable 
The main reasons ridesharing drivers dislike Lyft are:
  • Community Review flags
  • Four flags (friendliness, cleanliness, safety and navigation)
  • Withholding passenger ratings and comments
  • Over emphasis on star rating system 
  • Cold deactivations without initial notice
  • Performance Review focus on the star rating to deactivate drivers
  • Flagging drivers on first weekend - passengers are too overly critical of new drivers
  • Passengers vomit in vehicles too often on Lyft
  • Rowdy passengers
  • Vulgar passengers that yell out obscenities to female diners
  • Drunk passengers that threaten drivers
  • No follow-up system 
  • Passengers who request Lyft rides, and then get into taxis without cancelling trips
  • Passengers want to stack more riders than vehicles can handle
  • Passengers drink alcohol inside Lyft rides
  • Lyft passengers are messy
Lyft is not all fun and games, as their Facebook page make their ridesharing company out to be. Lyft drivers who provide great service are unfortunately doomed when rude passengers submit low stars. It doesn't matter how good a Lyft driver you are, because if your star rating falls below 4.80 you will eventually get deactivated. Don't make any big purchases such as buying a home and/or a car. You will regret this decision if Lyft deactivates your account. Ride the Lyft wave as long as you can. 

Female passengers have to watch out for Lyft drivers who want to connect with them after a trip. For these female riders, getting rid of a Lyft driver is like trying to dispose of a Ouija board. It is not that simple and it can be quite scary for them.

Don't believe all the hype you see on social media platforms. Ask real people to get real feedback on Lyft. They disrespect their drivers. Their Performance Review Team is useless. Lastly, Lyft's Facebook page is showing only positive experiences rather than sharing how to handle negative trips. This is real life, not a fantasy where stories are happy.

Things go wrong. Ridesharing companies who only share the positive stories are definitely hiding their true colors. There is no such thing as a perfect transportation company. Lyft is tricking the community into believing their fist-pumping and Pink mustaches are trendy and cool. 

Don't believe the Lyft hype. Look into real facts. 

Happy Lyfting!