Wednesday, September 10, 2014

UberX client identifies Lyft as Evil

demoness sitting
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An UberX driver transported a client to their Castro District residence. This UberX client noticed that his driver was extremely friendly, talkative and respectful. The driver also provided water, charging cords, and other perks to make this client feel comfortable.

A discussion about Uber being viewed as evil entered this conversation. The UberX client shared that Uber is a class act and referred to Lyft as the evil ridesharing service.

In his opinion, Lyft drivers profile riders to pick and choose their social mates. He viewed this behavior as rude and disrespectful. Lyft drivers are out of this world. They adopt an outlandish theme to get attention and convey originality. It seems juvenile to trick a car out. It may be a little too much for business clients who want a comfortable ride to and from their hotel.

We assumed most Lyft drivers were socially inclined. However, some Lyft drivers told us that low-rated passengers were unfairly receiving poor treatment from past drivers due to their overall rating being low. Lyft riders suffered from drivers who submitted low star ratings. The main reason these drivers submit low ratings is because they endure uncomfortable moments of silence during trips.

It takes one person to talk about the right topic, and this can move a conversation along. Discussing ridesharing is a repetitive topic, which can bore riders. Because of these one-dimensional conversations, riders tend to go silent to pass time and avoid awkward situations. Lyft drivers may view these riders as unbearable, so they often submit a low rating to warn fellow drivers.

Is Lyft the evil ridesharing company with rude and disrespectful drivers? Use Twitter handle Ride_Sharing and hashtag #LyftIsEvil to share your personal opinion of this ride app company.