Sunday, September 07, 2014

UberX client feedback on UberPool: UberX versus UberPool

Carpooling is FUN!
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The whole meaning of a ridesharing app service is to create a unique way to travel around town. Ride app members prefer private conversations, private space and speedy service. UberPool resembles a public transit community of riders traveling to the same daily destinations. However, ride app clients choosing to utilize this carpool service are thus encouraged to interact during shared rides. UberPool is adding another exciting chapter into the trendy Uber book.

A recent UberX client shared their insight on UberPool, suggesting this carpool service opposed conventional ridesharing in which riders desire to travel alone and enjoy this quiet time.

UberPool places special emphasis on social interaction between client-to-client rather than driver-to-client. Two complete strangers agree to ride together. At any given time, these clients will likely engage in numerous conversations. Clients should brush up on their small talk skills to lead this carpool discussion.

Unlike daily carpools, UberPool matches two unknown clients going in the same direction for this one ride. Therefore, destination represents the main focal point that connects UberPool clients. Unfortunately, these clients may never see their ridemate ever again and must make sure to exchange information during this ride to reconnect later.

Needless to say, UberX drivers rarely drive the same client twice. On three occasions and out of thousands of trips, one ridesharing driver claimed to have driven three repeat clients. It's a rare event to give repeat clients a second ride. Typically, ridesharing drivers never see their clients a second time.

UberPool has a slight advantage over UberX. As UberX is marketed as cost-efficient, UberPool is slashing prices even further to entice clients to accept rides with another ride app member. The mission of UberPool is to connect riders who are traveling in the same direction. This carpool service is basically sharing a ride within a ride.

Whereas drivers are sharing their vehicle, two clients are agreeing to split the cost of a trip. Traditionally speaking, millions of taxi rides are shared in New York City annually. In New York City, people are socially willing to connect with strangers to cut cost. On television shows and in movies, we watch passengers often ask request if another individual would like to share a fare. UberPool and UberX are two popular ride app services Uber is banking on.

This new carpooling service, UberPool, manages the routes based on set pick-up addresses and destinations. This app technology keeps driving efficient and driver income streaming in. Riders can't change their destination once these addresses are inputted into the Uber app. Moreover, riders are not permitted to take additional riders with them on these carpool trips.

If UberPool clients bring more than their own body, then Uber recommends for them to cancel this carpool trip and request an UberX. With this new carpooling service, not much waiting is involved. Clients only have 2 minutes to get ready. Drivers have permission to make immediate calls to confirm pick-up and can cancel if clients are unavailable to accept their rides. UberPool is viewed as a community-based trip - people meeting new people.

UberPool stimulates social interaction through connecting two clients in one small space. In a particular trip, two strangers may experience awkward moments where silence rides the air. If strangers happen to engage in conversations, small talk will make this trip less uncomfortable. It really depends whether two personalities can co-exist within this trip. UberPool interactions are a hit or miss.

UberX is unique in its own way. This ridesharing service also has its drawbacks, as well. Clients can customize trips, change destinations and request additional riders to be picked up and/or dropped off along the way. In some ride requests, UberX drivers must travel unpaid to pick-up clients in distant locations. As a result of this, no-shows and unexpected cancellations are inevitable.

UberX drivers may lose money driving on this platform, but they can also make a bundle when all roads are clear of debris. On the down side, clients may request drivers to wait longer than expected. This additional waiting period will cut into driver earnings since their income is based on giving rides rather than making hourly/salary pay. Drivers and clients are usually holding conversations; however, there are moments of silence when riders lack interest.

UberX request filters are unavailable to block rides from distant cities. This holds UberX drivers accountable in their acceptance rate. The same client can continue requesting a ride. If an UberX driver continues to ignore these distant requests, their acceptance rate may decrease over time.

Ridesharing drivers and clients are occasionally involved in awkward trips. Drivers know when to set mute and when to hold meaningful conversations. Perhaps, UberPool can create successful client-to-client relationships and support how SideCar managed to find success with shared rides.

UberPool is making ridesharing more social, more entertaining. This new carpool service enables two strangers to get socially stimulated very fast. What if chemistry is not there? There is no pressure to impress co-riders. Clients can choose to talk or choose to remain silent. Two clients may instantly connect and become future friends. UberPool reduces the stress typically deferred to drivers. Now during trips, drivers can focus on keeping their passengers safe, reaching pick-up addresses and destinations on time, and maintaining a positive ride environment.

All in all, this UberX client is skeptic that two Uber clients are willing to sacrifice their privacy. Client-to-client interactions are different than driver-to-client relationships. Customized ridesharing is a private experience that allows for comfort and convenience. When two people share a ride, everything is out in the open. If a business client is working on a project, another rider may ask questions. Think about how much privacy is lost when renting out rooms. Roommates are known to snoop, intervene and create conflict. Carpool clients can carry with them a competing personality.

UberPool members must be on time and be alone. Ridesharing drivers must feel comfortable enforcing UberPool policies and guidelines. If clients are late and fail to respond, the UberPool will move on like trains and buses. Furthermore, UberPool clients are not permitted to bring extra people. Nonetheless, these clients are encouraged to request an UberX to transport their group.

What do you like about UberPool? Is UberPool better than UberX? Is your privacy worth the cost? Share your comments and concerns below. Happy carpooling!