Friday, September 05, 2014

UberPool and LyftLine launched shared ride service to follow SideCar's shared rides lead

CarPool! ... inspired?
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The shared ride movement is here. SideCar launched Shared Rides before UberPool and LyftLine unveiled their new rideshared services. Riders enjoyed these ridepools so much that this market is generating buzz and is changing the transportation landscape again.

In shared rides, riders agree to accept rides where a driver picks up multiple riders along the way. If a driver provide ridesharing services, they don't get paid for the downtime when trying to locate ride requests. Uber recently unveiled UberPool. Lyft launched LyftLine. SideCar was the first to launch Shared Rides.

UberPool just launched and is available on the Uber app right now. According to Uber, a driver providing this service will make more money because they are paid for downtime between pickups. Initially, UberX drivers accept rides and drive out to pick up clients. In pursuit of the client, the driver is not paid and may lose money on longer pickups.

However, UberPool redefines ridesharing where drivers can keep their vehicles occupied and earn consistent fares. Clients using UberPool must manage time wisely, as drivers are not expected to wait for long periods for potential no-shows. UberPool operates like Amtrak and CalTrain.

UberPool is expanding the ridesharing market to offer a new, refreshing experience of transporting clients who are traveling in the same direction. SideCar has already found success in shared rides. Now, Lyfi is also seeing this growing market becoming trendy and have responded with LyftLine.

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