Monday, September 22, 2014

Uber Weekly Summary is missing for second straight and three out of four times

Uber reduced UberX fares on September 15, 2014. In the past few weeks, Uber's Weekly Summary failed to arrive in email accounts. In the past month, only one Uber Weekly Summary reached Partner email boxes and this took place on September 9 for September 1-7, 2014 week ending.

Is there a correlation between reducing fares, building confidence that Partners are still earning good money, and leaving out the data so this can't be verified to compare data? Partners no longer have access to the old Dashboard, where real-time ratings provided great insight on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly earnings, as well as the number of trips taken during these times.

Transparency is going out the door. Drivers have no clue of the exact number of weekly trips completed unless they count these rides in the trips section. The Uber phone is limited, showing several trips rather than all trips. Withholding this data will keep Partners in the dark on number of trips taken, hourly earnings, hours online, weekly rating, hourly average, overall rating, hot times to drive, and acceptance rate.

Too many changes, too soon, are leaving Partners in a tough position. Reduced fares. No dashboard access. Payment errors. No more Uber Weekly Summary. What is really going on?

With reduced fares, UberX drivers must work more hours, take more trips, drive more miles, and spend more money to earn 15% more money. The real fact is that drivers see 15% earnings since Uber incurred this promo to stimulate more business. However, UberX drivers are now getting hit with reduced fared and won't make as much money driving like before. The perception is that reducing fares will motivate existing clients and new clients to use this service. These clients are intelligent to know how surge pricing works and can avoid request rides at such times.

One UberX client said people shouldn't complain about surge pricing. He shared that people want to save, but then complain when prices go up during high demand. For the most part, this client indicated that people want to save and don't want to contribute. Clients are usually getting a great deal on every ride, and requesting a few rides on a surge is a way to give back to drivers.

Is it fair for drivers to travel into the Marina District and drive a client to Market Street for $10? No way. This trip could take the UberX driver 30 minutes, with factoring pickup and drop-off in this ride equation. The argument for a reduced fare is that clients are more willing to take surge pricing. It doesn't always work that way, as clients understand price multipliers and will be especially careful.

Where is the Uber Weekly Summary? UberX drivers only viewed one summary in 4 weeks.  What happened to the dashboard access to view trips, overall earnings and ratings? Drivers lost access to this portal. Nevertheless, $1 safe rides fee is now going to Uber. Depending on the number of trips completed on UberX, this $1 per trip safe rides fee could represent a significant amount well into the millions and as high as 8-figures or greater. We suppose drivers will ride along without no headlights to see the road that lies ahead. No Uber Weekly Summary.