Sunday, September 14, 2014

Uber makes mistake on deposit and plans to deduct

Uber experienced another payment issue, likely making some slight overpayments in past direct deposits. Because of this overpayment error, Uber is deducting this amount out of the next direct deposit. Unfortunately, Uber didn't ask the driver if this arrangement would work for them.

Not only did getting paid late a few weeks ago create problems, now a payment error on their part will reduce this next direct deposit. Good to know that some drivers will be struggling to get on the road with this unplanned deduction. Instead of asking the driver when they would like this amount deducted, Uber is making this decision for them to take back their overpayment in the upcoming direct deposit. Good to know the best interest of this payment error favors Uber rather than Partners.

On another previous payment delay, the company servicing Uber's deposits claimed drivers got paid and they didn't. Uber support had no idea when drivers would get paid and said this could be at a later date. After opposition to this late payment, Uber released an email to apologize and that payments would be made later that day and/or the following morning.

We suspect that this payment delay caused many returned checks, NSF issues and additional banking problems. As a result, Uber released another email requesting Partners to submit any fees assessed due to this payment delay and they would cover these amounts. What happens if rent checks, car payments and/or credit payments are sent back unpaid?

This action would cause additional issues with creditors. Payment delays, errors and mistakes may impact Partners. A delay in making pick-ups and drop-offs can impact transportation trust. What happens if payment problems affect service providers? It is a domino effect.

Recently, a bank holiday delayed a payment one day and this also created bank problems for Partners who may have had rent, car payments, and other deductions scheduled for that Thursday morning. It is possible the bank sent back these payments since higher amounts are not covered under overdraft protection. You need money in these accounts to cover negative balances.

Slashed fares to compete, payment delays, overpayments and other issues are leaving Uber drivers with sour stomachs. Deducting these overpayments will likely impact drivers to fuel up. What future payment errors will surface in upcoming direct deposits? What can drivers expect?

Our advice to ride app drivers is to plan ahead. Work additional hours; give as many rides as possible. Don't depend on upcoming direct deposits. Stay ahead of this payment process to not sink. Good luck.