Monday, September 22, 2014

Uber jacked?

Clients are in a hurry to get their Uber. Some clients don't actually care whether they jack another Uber ride, all they want is to reach their destination. Watch out for these Uber jackers.

UberX drivers and clients must communicate. Drivers should greet clients by requesting their name. Clients could greet their drivers by their name. Good communication is the key to prevent Uber jacking.

In big cities, clients steal Uber rides. They open doors and jump into an Uber instead of an UberX, and vice versa. It happens often enough to cause problems. Drivers won't get paid to transport the wrong clients. Clients who lost their rides will complain to Uber.

It all comes down to Uber jackers who could care less if they steal an Uber. A few UberX drivers we know have never transported the wrong passenger in any of the three ridesharing companies. It is easy to prevent ridesharing jacking.

Have you been Uber jacked? Use hashtag #UberJacked and share your jacking story in a few sentences. Put @ride_sharing so we can see these tweets.

Happy Ubering!