Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Uber is viewed as the evil giant

At the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference currently being held in San Francisco, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is confronting the critical masses who oppose his ride company's tactics. Surge pricing and driver recruitment practices are leading this heated debate.

Whenever any company is on top, they are subject to criticism. In this way, there is how business is won. Be passive and lose the game. Be direct and win consumers. Know your competition and win the market. Uber is becoming the ride app market.

In our honest assessment of Uber, tech giants MSN, Google, Facebook and Apple all faced this test - criticism, dominance and monopoly. Uber is no stranger to competition. The competitors doing all the complaining are worried about their future. Uber drivers completed millions of rides on Uber's ride platform. In their quest to reach ride supremacy, Uber knows the direction it wants to travel.

Uber is the big dog. They're playing the center in that great basketball title game. They're leading their team as the cool-as-ice quarterback in the championship game. They're the dominant pitcher who is pitching Game 7. Uber is gaining secondary household meaning like Kleenex® and Thermos®.

Why is Uber succeeding? They respect their drivers. They know how to retain good drivers. Their support team listens to their drivers. Drivers are viewed as the builders of this ride app company.

Lyft deactivates their good drivers. They use their rating system as an excuse to make this termination decision. A computerized Community Review system flags a good driver. It's this inefficient flagging system (navigation, friendliness, safety and cleanliness) that hard-to-please Lyft passengers use to their advantage. Current Lyft drivers should never snooze on these flag warnings; driver deactivations are inevitable.

Why would a Lyft passenger complain about a $2 difference, and then go on to have a driver deactivated for their (passenger) bad directions? Lyft implements a flawed rating and flagging system. This ridesharing company is infamous for deactivating drivers and saving face with an e-mail to state the rating system is our way to measure good drivers and unfortunately the ride community can't take any chances to retain someone such as yourself. In any case, you can try RelayRides and TaskRabbit to survive. Where does Lyft hire these deadbeats who know nothing about driver satisfaction?

Lyft is the devil with horns. They are the demons who possess vulnerable rookie drivers who need immediate financial relief. Once Lyft exhausts their drivers, they toss them into a pit of fire to rot. Ask any real driver, any real driver who is all about providing great service their thoughts on Lyft. If any company is "ethically challenged," it is Lyft. They adopt cold business practices to stay ahead. They leave behind the fallen soldiers and forget their names. Lyft is nothing without their drivers.

That Pink mustache is viewed as a fun facade among the transit community. It conceals the truth of cold-hearted business practices involving driver deactivations and poor driver support.

Drive an obnoxious drunk passenger on Lyft's on-demand ridesharing platform and risk your privileges. Listen to a Lyft employee inform you that if you're reconsidered to drive again, you should avoid driving at night. Lyft has a lot to learn about leadership.

Lyft is mad at Uber. In our opinion, Lyft points the blame at Uber and uses this as an excuse to keep investors happy. Lyft and their Pink mustache should look in the mirror and ask whether deactivating good drivers with subpar ratings is the ethical thing to do.

Good drivers proper. Former Lyft drivers are making UberX successful. Deactivating good drivers will influence their business as future riders. Bad word-of-mouth travels a long way. It spreads fast.

Don't blame Uber. Accept responsibility. Improve internal standards. Terminate the Performance Review Department and hire on actual people with brains who want to make a difference.

Lyft is a former muscle that is drooping. Uber is establishing an unbreakable bond with drivers who are ready to help this on-demand ride app seize the competition.

If any ride app company should be viewed as an evil giant, it is Lyft. Uber keeps their drivers happy. Lyft ignores their former drivers. They even go to great lengths to send e-mails out to deactivated drivers and ask them what happened and why they're not on the road. We would like to offer you a bonus to deliver some rides. Talking about out of touch with sense of community.

Uber on. Keep up the great work Uber.

Source: TechCrunch: Read more on Uber at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in San Francisco