Sunday, September 07, 2014

SUVs are absolutely the best ridesharing vehicles

Porshe Cayenne
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Clients who are taking flights back home may bring several bags with them. Their extended stays are a result of internships, job assignments, study abroad and other short-term living arrangements. It is imperative that these clients ride in the best vehicles. A small Prius or Sedan are traditionally not roomy enough to store these luggage articles. However, SUVs are equipped to handle heavy loads, where the backseat can be pushed forward to store super large suitcases and multiple bags.

Whereas gas cost remains a challenge, storage space and comfortability make up for this setback. SUVS are the best ridesharing vehicles for clients. UberX drivers who operate SUVs excite their clients, especially enjoying the extra room to stretch out and relax. Essentially, SUVs deliver a comfortable and cost-efficient ride.

Driving clients to the airport is a bonus ride. Both the client and driver are benefiting from this trip. Ridesharing drivers view airport trips as a jackpot. Whenever clients request an airport ride, drivers are guaranteed to make at least $30+ on this fare. Any fare originating from San Francisco will likely exceed $30, a fare drivers see as lucrative to help them offset the cost of running SUVs on the UberX circuit.

At busy times, an airport ride may accumulate additional time charges. During non-surge times, fares are calculated with the the following formula:

  • $3 Base fare
  • $1.50 per mile
  • $.30 per minute
  • $1 Safe rides

Waiting time due to traffic, construction and road closures may increase the cost of airport fares. Nonetheless, the mileage cost will never change unless a driver takes a longer route, gets lost and/or misses an exit. GPS is most commonly used as a deterrent to combat fare costs associated with accumulating extra mileage. Nevertheless, clients can monitor their trip in real-time by viewing these GPS devices mounted on dashboards and/or on windshields.

Uber SUV is a high-end service that cost triple the amount of UberX:

  • $15 Base Fare
  • $.90 per min
  • $3.75 per mile 

Clients who elect to use Uber SUV can accumulate additional cost based on traffic and longer routes. In most of these trips, drivers put forth their best effort to accommodate clients. Drivers appreciate clients and know that ride app services are not possible without their business.

When Uber clients request rides on the UberX platform, they may get rewarded with an SUV. UberX drivers assume all of the cost in operating this type of vehicle. For the most part, UberX driver's primarily use SUVs to provide comfort, convenience and storage space. Though the cost of gas, repairs and maintenance cut into weekly earnings, drivers accept this challenge to thrive in the ride app market.

Driving up in an SUV can make a client happy. These vehicles enhance the ridesharing experience and make every trip memorable and comfortable. Clients love SUVs!