Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Struggling Ridesharing Drivers and Collection Calls

Ridesharing drivers who are in a financial crunch receive multiple calls on their personal phones. These ridesharing drivers are required to use their personal phones to accept client calls. Moreover, clients send text messages to drivers and vice versa. Personal phones represent the primary mode of communication for ridesharing drivers. Unfortunately, creditors blow up personal phones all-day long.

Imagine driving clients and receiving non-stop student loan calls? Drivers choose to drive to pay their debts. However, the high cost of driving is creating unexpected debts such as excessive car repairs, maintenance and fuel. There is really not enough money remaining to pay high interest student loans.

Collection calls never stop. These creditors keep calling; they make ridesharing drivers look bad. These drivers must constantly press "end" on their personal phones. When these calls arrive during rides, drivers must reject the calls. Clients watch these drivers doing this operation, which puts them in a bad position. Ridesharing drives know that performing ride services won't resolve their financial situation. It is too great of a financial problem to repair.

With student loans costing as much as $200k-$300k, ridesharing drivers know that their future is in jeopardy. How do ridesharing drivers prevent collection calls, online payday loan lenders (websites that sell information to scammers who don't address person by name) using unethical schemes to steal money from struggling people, and other scam callers?

Block these callers. Don't allow them to distract you while performing ridesharing services. Their aggressive tactics will soon stop. Rideshare in peace without scammers and creditors disturbing you.

Happy Ridesharing!