Monday, September 22, 2014

Refer Lyft drivers and wait months for them to complete 20 trips

We see this often. A Lyft driver comes along and needs help with advice. We refer these Lyft drivers to UberX. 3-4 months down the road, these drivers haven't completed their 20 trips to earn them a $500 bonus. On SideCar, several drivers got approved to drive and still have yet to complete 10 rides to earn them a bonus of $50.

Are referred drivers not motivated to drive? When things do wrong with inspections, these new drivers blame ridesharing companies for delaying them. They are not that serious to drive, otherwise, they would complete these trips in a few weeks. Once several months pass by, don't expect these referred drivers to complete the qualified trips.

You'd think Lyft drivers are reliable referrals. However, Lyft drivers rarely complete their trips to make their referrers a bonus. Both parties receive bonuses, so there is incentive to drive with UberX.

Serious drivers get on the road and deliver trips. They want to earn that extra bonus. Whatever it takes, new motivated drivers will do to get moving.

Do ridesharing companies send these referred drivers an email to motivate them to drive? C'mon, several months to complete 10-20 trips. We've heard a handful of drivers only completing 1 ride. What inspired them to get on the road to give a single ride?

If you get referred to a ridesharing platform and are approved to drive, try your best to complete these qualified trips and don't wait so long.