Friday, September 19, 2014

Passenger Filters on Lyft

Lyft drivers can set filters to block out passengers who donate less. We're not sure if Lyft changed their pay system to fares, rather than strictly accepting donations. As recent as December, Lyft drivers could filter out passengers on the percentage of tips they give.

If passengers are known to pay less than 90%, 80% and even 70% of the recommended donation, the Lyft system knows this and can weed out the passengers based on this history of cheaper donations.

Passenger filters will block these riders out, so drivers who want specific donations will only receive such requests. However, Lyft drivers who set passenger filters too high may lose business.

Passengers should know that Lyft is categorizing them based on past donations. Lyft drivers can filter these passengers out, sending their ride requests to drivers with lower donation filters and/or no filters.

Happy Lyfting!