Friday, September 19, 2014

No Trip Filters mean lost requests

An UberX driver just reported a ride request from 58 minutes away in Larkspur. This driver received this request right before approaching Vallejo. If Uber integrated trip filters into their app, then drivers could set these filters to prevent such far out requests from reaching the Uber app.

SideCar features trip filters. They give their drivers the freedom to set filters or go without any restrictions. Why hasn't Uber updated their app to feature trip filters?

Imagine if this UberX driver accepted the Larkspur request and the client agreed to wait an hour for this pick-up. With cheap rates already going into effect, this driver would have paid out of pocket.

Napa Valley UberX drivers would improve their efficiency with trip filters. UberX drivers can then choose to avoid furthermost cities. Napa Valley is a spread out region with distant cities located in the boonies. It is all about efficiency and productivity. So in setting filters and holding clients accountable for no-shows, these actions will improve the ridesharing platform.

A 58 minute ride request arrived because UberX drivers are probably unavailable in Marin County. All in all, UberX has grown extremely popular in Marin County. UberX drivers should be given a choice to set filters or go without them. We can tell you that the Marina District in San Francisco receives quite a few distant requests from Marin County. Nevertheless, constant ride requests from the same client must be accepted to prevent low acceptance rates.

In taking this long trip, UberX drivers are losing money, time and gas. Setting filters or relaxing standards on acceptance rates may improve overall efficiency across the board.