Friday, September 19, 2014

No tip option for UberX drivers cost them hundreds per month

UberX clients shared that they want to give tips on the Uber app. Unfortunately, they can't tip their UberX drivers. Lyft and SideCar drivers can get tipped on their ridesharing apps. However, Uber left this tipping feature out of the past app updates.

Hard working UberX drivers are losing out on valuable tips that can help them to get gas. With the recent price reduction, drivers must take more trips, drive more miles and invest more hours to survive. Losing 14% during all times is a major loss. Instead of implementing cheaper fares during slow hours, this price reduction went into effect for all hours. 

Lyft and SideCar feature a tipping option that Uber lacks. If you want to compete, help your drivers receive the tips they deserve. Taxi drivers are tipped, so why not UberX drivers? 

UberX drivers are missing out on hundreds of dollars in monthly tips. These tips could really help their bottom line. Many drivers are struggling to get on the road. 

One pawn shop owner shared that an UberX driver came into his shop to pawn off her items. She shared that she is struggling to earn money with UberX and that repairs, maintenance and other issues are putting her into bankruptcy mode.  

Integrate a tipping feature to reward UberX drivers. Otherwise, drivers are losing money and this is not helping when Uber is now collecting the $1 safe rides fee to pad their deep pockets. For the most part, drivers are struggling to make ends meet. Help resolve this financial problem with integrating a tipping option for UberX drivers.