Friday, September 05, 2014

New SideCar Riders get $15 off - use promo code

SideCar is a ridesharing company based out of San Francisco and is also in 7 additional markets across the United States. This unique ridesharing service allows their passengers to input pickup and destination addresses. Both the driver and passenger know exactly what the ride costs.

Passengers can choose a variety of cars and select a based on preferences such as ETA and seating requirements. SideCar drivers and passengers get along.

New SideCar passengers can receive $15 off on their first ride. If the ride cost above $15, the amount of the difference will be charged to a stored credit card. Use the $15 to take your family and/or friends out to a restaurant and the movies. Be creative on your destination. Send a SideCar to pick up a date and surprise them at a surprise location.

SideCar is everything you want it to be and more. Use the promo code below to receive $15 off on your first ride today.

Visit to download the SideCar rider app. Input promo code qjbxk to receive $15 off.

Click on Account and then the arrow pointing to the right of promo code. Input the code above (qjbxk) and this will activate $15 off.

Pass this promo code to everyone you know.

Happy Ridesharing!