Monday, September 08, 2014

Let fares load to calculate trip cost

UberX drivers pick-up and drop-off many clients. Some clients may request the cost of their trip. A driver can calculate this trip using a pricing formula. However, the most effective way to locate the exact cost of this trip is at the destination.

Inform the client you will tell them the price of this trip at their destination. Once the UberX driver slides the end trip to stop ride, the fare will load. Allow this fare to load and show the price. Otherwise, submitting a star rating and closing out the ride quickly will take time to load the fare into the Uber system.

If UberX drivers prefer to keep track of earnings in real-time, make it a habit to allow the fare to load. As soon as the fare price is shown, you can submit the star rating to officially end this trip.

Share with your client the cost of their trip. It is also good for you to know the cost to calculate earnings. Knowing your real-time earnings can motivate drivers to accept more ride requests.

Let the fare wheel swirl in circles until the trip cost shows up on the screen. After this, submit the star rating and then submit this information wrap up the trip. Do this each time to keep track of earnings and to tell clients their trip cost.

Happy Ubering!