Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Intimidation Tactics

Bullying Prevention Programs Help the Cause
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Some ridesharing riders use intimidation tactics to pressure drivers into rushing them to their destinations. It's unfair to expect drivers to drive like aggressive taxi drivers. Fast driving is unsafe.

There is too much activity going on within cities. Drivers must be especially careful driving downtown because homeless and drunk people, bicyclists, buses, taxis, motor vehicles, and other distractions are present. Furthermore, inpatient drivers are known to run red lights and stop signs.

Ridesharing is marketed as fun and profitable for private people willing to take the road in their personal vehicles. Since passengers know the rating system favors them, intimidation tactics are directed toward drivers to take advantage of them. Drivers who disregard these orders are given low star ratings and negative feedback. 

A former Lyft driver shared that on their second week, a Lyft passenger told them to hurry up and run red lights. Another client on a ridesharing platform requested a driver to rush through the city with greater urgency so riders wouldn't think they were milking the clock. Would $.30 extra for a few minutes actually motivate a driver to milk the clock? We think not. 

Do drivers actually milk the clock to make more money? Probably not enough for this action to become a problem. It's not even worth the time to milk the clock. Ridesharing drivers primarily focus on giving rides and providing quality service. Rush service is risky and not recommended.  

Folks, this is not a videogame where drivers can crash into animation cars and press reset to replay this scene again. This is real life, real people. In ridesharing, drivers must focus on safety first before anything else. If clients/riders/passengers can't respect this wish, this is their loss.

Ridesharing clients and drivers are usually on the same page. However, ridesharing offenders do exist. Beware of these disrespectful riders to protect your driving privileges.

Be safe. Happy Ridesharing!