Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Important Message Uber drivers: Don't download new iOS 8 software update on Uber phone

According to Uber, drivers should avoid updating the Uber phone with the new iOS 8 software update. If this Apple software is updated on the Uber phone, the Uber app will experience technical difficulty.

However, Uber is instructing drivers to please update any popups to install new software for the Uber app. Drivers who experience Uber app issues are advised to troubleshoot this app issue. 

Shut off phone and turn on again. If this doesn't work, reset network settings. If this app issue persists, click on the light blue "App Updater" app to force an Uber app driver install. This action should fix any Uber app problem. If this operation fails, contact support right away.

It is possible a phone exchange is required. Try your best to address any phone and app issues during the weekdays. Though support is available on weekends, don't take chances missing busy weekend days and nights. Address phone/app issues as soon as possible. 

Remember, don't update the Uber phone with iOS 8 software update, or this will cause the Uber app to not work properly.