Friday, September 05, 2014

How to fix an Uber app problem?

The Uber app, like most technology, may experience technological difficulty that can/will delay app functions. When Uber drivers venture outside of good cell coverage areas, this ride app can freeze up and struggle to end rides. There are times that poor cell coverage may prevent drivers from starting rides. Don't worry, you will get paid for all trips. Uber support is on your side. How can you fix this Uber app problem? 

The following steps will help Uber drivers fix app issues: 

At the end of a trip and app is not letting you close ride
  1. Shut down the app. Press on the home button. Reopen app. Trip is saved in the system and won't disappear. 
  2. If the app is still acting up, press the home button twice in a row to open up all windows. Close down these windows, including the Uber app. 
  3. Relaunch the Uber app again. If there are issues with cell coverage, move further out of the area. Find a good spot to relaunch app. 
  4. If this doesn't fix the app, power off the phone. 
  5. Power on the phone and reopen the Uber app. 
  6. If still not working, proceed to shut the phone off again. 
  7. Turn the phone on. 
  8. Reopen the Uber app and this trip will still be active. 
  9. Depending on the distance you drove, submit a fare review. Choose that there were technical issues. This selection will generate a support ticket for this trip ID. 
  10. When you get home, write a summary of what happened and list the pickup address and the end address. Support will recalculate this trip based on the time and distance. If you driving in traffic, you will likely lose out on per minute charges. Support is basically basing the fare on time and distance without any traffic. 
Problems starting a trip

  1. Start the trip. All of a sudden there is no cell coverage. The Uber app is not responding. 
  2. Write down the pickup address.
  3. Tell the client the app is experiencing technical issues and that you will take them to their destination. Remind them you will submit a fare review later, as this trip cost will change.
  4. Once you reach the destination, thank the client and tell them it was a pleasure to drive them. Remind them as a courtesy that you will submit a fare review to correct the trip issue. 
  5. Follow steps 1-8 above. 
  6. Once the Uber app works again, it will show the trip from as it appears with a black "Arrived" button. Press this button. 
  7. Slide to begin the road. It will read are you sure you are at the right location. The app picks up on the ride request location rather than the destination address. Click on yes. 
  8. Start the ride and end it quickly.  The cost is going to be $6 for UberX and double to triple for Uber Black and Uber SUV. 
  9. Submit a Fare Review. 
  10. Choose the Technical issue selection.  
  11. The fare review with trip ID will be sent to Uber support. 
  12. When you get home, open up your email account connected with this Uber Partner account and find this support reply.  
  13. Reply back with a summary and include the pickup address and destination.  
  14. Request support to recalculate this trip to reflect the actual charge. 

In the future, any technical issues can be resolved using Step 1-8. If this app is unresponsive, contact Uber Support using an e-mail. We can't guarantee you that support will respond right away. It make take some time. All trips remain open and active until Partners close them down. If the app or phone is failing, the trip is stored and will reopen once launched again. 

There is another Partner website available where Uber will respond really fast. We can't remember this website, but will return back to this post to update you. 

Happy Ridesharing!