Monday, September 08, 2014

Google Maps promoting Uber

A recent search for a Stockton address from a Concord location showed Uber in the route options. A person who prefers to take an Uber instead of driving to this destination can click on this link.

In the prefered routes, there is an option for "Get an Uber" and how far this driver is and the time they will reach the searched pick-up address.

With integrating Uber into Google Maps, imagine how many people may elect to take an Uber to their destination. It is definitely a win-win for both Uber and Google.

This update is not always present in the route options. We heard of this Uber integration from another person who dined in Concord. They were searching for a particular shopping center in Stockton and noticed the "Get an Uber" option.

Congratulations on Uber for getting Prime Time positioning on Google Maps.

Want to read more about this Uber and Google Maps integration? Check out this TechCrunch article here.