Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Drivers must Protect Secured Uber rides

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An UberX driver shared that another Uber member attempted to take a secured UberX ride. Once this female client noticed the "U" on the front window, she tried to open the door and said "Let me in, I ordered an Uber and this is mine". This was not her Uber. The UberX driver protected this secured ride from falling into the hands of an uninformed Uber client.

An UberX client requested an UberX in the Castro District. Seconds before reaching this location, the drivers indicated that this UberX client canceled the trip. A quick 2-seconds later, another ride request arrived and this driver accepted it. They drove down 18th street, where quite a few people were waiting to get their Uber. 

A female Uber client walked up to the UberX and claimed this was her ride. However, the driver informed this Uber client that this wasn't her UberX. She would need to request an Uber. Unfortunately, this female client refused to take "no" for an answer and tried to open the front door. She said, "open up the door, this is my Uber". 

The driver told her this Uber is another clients and she must request her own ride. She proceeded to open the back door, but this door was locked and was not going to open for this rider. This Uber client was trying to take an UberX that didn't belong to her. She was forceful with wanting this Uber. 

Uber app requests don't operate in this manner. Clients must request rides. No ride app driver is authorized to pick up unsuspecting riders claiming this is their ride. An Uber driver must protect a secured Uber ride from falling into the hands of another client who never requested a pick-up. 

It is that simple. Uber drivers know the name of their client. If you are not this client, you can't enter this Uber. Clients should show some courtesy because what if another rider attempted to take their Uber? They wouldn't want their account charged up for the wrong client. 

This UberX driver knows how the ride app system operates. He follows these rules to the tee. No ridesharing riders have lost their ride to another rider. "Plain and simple," he said. 

Protect the Uber. Don't allow another Uber client to take an Uber that doesn't belong to them. There is no way to charge this client if they get into an Uber that doesn't belong to them. The driver will lose out on this fare for driving the wrong client. 

San Francisco night riders will try to take an Uber ride that is not theirs. In a past weekend night, a group of Napa riders trying to their minor celebrity status as a buying chip to take another client's Uber. This person, identifying himself as Brian Johnson the skateboarder, attempted to take an UberX from another client. His friends kept saying you know who this guy is? Brian followed up with, "you know who I am?"

This driver didn't know who this person was and really didn't care. He refused to drive this group because his client was waiting in downtown Napa. He handed this individual an Uber discount card, and this pretentious skateboarder tossed it to the ground and forcibly slammed the door in disgust. The UberX driver didn't relinquish this Uber ride to another rider. He protected this Uber ride. 

Good job UberX driver! Even though clients and riders, alike, are empowered to keep driver's in check, this driver went above and beyond to protect all of his clients' UberX rides. If this client's name is not on the phone screen, or they don't know the name of the client who requested this Uber for them, the driver won't let them take this trip. 

Uber is so trendy that people assume this service resembles a taxi. It is not a taxi. There is an Uber Taxi service for that particular service.

UberX is an affordable and convenient ridesharing service option. Nonetheless, the "U" trade dress convinces some riders that any Uber can pick them up. It doesn't work that way. 

Don't take another Uber. Identify the driver by saying their name. The driver has a personal responsibility to know the name of their client, as well. This greeting process should be seamless; there shouldn't be any mistaken rides. 

Protect an Uber belonging to a specific client. Don't let another person jump into this Uber ride and say they ordered this ride and it's theirs. If this client's name is not shown on the Uber app, they must wait for their ride or request another Uber service.

This is Uber is not yours if your name is not on that Uber app. Show some courtesy and respect.