Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Don't Procrastinate Uploading Documents

Procrastination Meter
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Ridesharing services are building a huge following across the world. To think these services recently launched in San Francisco - as early as 2010 - is mind boggling. We didn't have Uber in 2008, so we had to hail a cab or call for a black car service. Times have changed fast!

Drivers are what make ridesharing services popular. But for the most part, drivers must be responsible to upload all required documents on time to keep driving. It is all too common for drivers to wait until the last day to submit documents. Don't do this!

Waiting to complete any action on the last day never has a good outcome. First, it creates intense pressure. Secondly, things can go wrong to delay the process. Lastly, ridesharing drivers who have expired documents and/or don't submit additional forms will get waitlisted.

Remember, everything must be in order to remain on the road. Know that you have to complete an inspection in a week? Please don't wait until the day of or the day before to complete this inspection. Is your car registration about to expire? Renew your registration and submit this document.

Is money a problem to complete these actions? Try to pick up additional hours on the road. Although you are already maxing out your time on the road, just know that failing to maintain proper documents and completing required actions will eliminate your freedom to make money as a driver.

There are drivers who blame ridesharing companies for creating impossible standards. Ridesharing is undergoing a public debate, so ridesharing companies must lead by example. If anything goes wrong, people will say "I told you this isn't safe" or "This is what happens when regulations are not put in place".

The taxi industry is making ridesharing much harder with spearheading expansion, thus convincing policymakers to pass strict regulations to discourage this service. What the public wants is what it will get. Right now, the public wants to use ridesharing services that are accountable, reliable, convenient, fun and respectful.

Unlike taxi drivers and their poor attitudes, ridesharing drivers understand that delivering poor service can lead to deactivation. Ridesharing drivers should always show professionalism and avoid conflict, especially with taxi drivers who are attempting to provoke them.

Most importantly, ridesharing drivers must keep their driver accounts in good standing. Don't procrastinate with completing the required actions.

Submit documents. Complete inspections. Maintain a good driver account. Keep an eye out for important notifications.

Deliver quality ridesharing service. Happy Ridesharing!