Friday, September 12, 2014

Is your Uber driver app unresponsive?

An UberX driver reported an Uber driver app problem. This driver couldn't activate the Uber app to drive tonight. After troubleshooting the phone for 1-2 minutes, they believe the iOS 7.1.2 update must be downloaded to fix the Uber app. The Uber app won't run on any iOS software below the new version.

Unfortunately, quite a few Uber drivers using the Uber iPhone are probably wondering what is going wrong with their Uber app. The last time this particular driver got on the road this past Tuesday, the Uber app worked good. However, this driver has attempted to turn on the app in a few days.

Tonight, this UberX driver sat at a McDonalds to use wi-fi and download this new iOS 7.1.2 software update. At these low speeds, this driver would still been there in the morning waiting to download this software update. Therefore, the UberX driver went back home to use their fast high speed Internet to update the software on the Uber app.

Luckily, this driver realized right way the source of the problem or they would miss a busy Friday night. No hotspot will have the speed capacity to download this large file. Even at the faster speeds, this iOS 7.1.2 download is taking about 15-20 minutes to load.

We didn't hear anything from Uber regarding this recent software update representing a problem. It's unfortunate because Uber drivers may venture out to furthermost cities and find this app nonresponsive. If you're experiencing problem activating the Uber app, check to see whether this new iOS 7.1.2 software update is present on the Uber phone.

Uber authorized the use of personal phones to operate the Uber software, but the catch is that you must download this new software. There shouldn't be any problems for Uber drivers who recently turned in the old Uber phone and elected to use their personal phone instead. Nonetheless, Uber drivers still using the Uber phone at $10 per week and still haven't downloaded the new software update on the IPhone will likely experience technical issues with activating the Uber app.

Troubleshoot the phone. Turn it off and on. Look to see if the new software update is featured on the Uber phone. Once this software is updated, drivers should be ready to launch the Uber app. Don't waste time sitting at a Starbucks, McDonalds and/or any local hotspot to download this iOS software. Go back home and use a faster wi-fi/Internet connection to download this software update.

We will update you on whether this software update will open the Uber app. The Uber client app is working on the old iOS 7.0.3 software version. In a few minutes, we will test the new software and see if the driver app is responsive to this update.

The new update didn't relaunch the Uber app. With the delay in Uber support, this driver won't be working tonight unless Uber support is lightning fast. Our recent article covering the problems associated with working ridesharing jobs full-time is spot on.

According to the UberX driver, the software update didn't fix the problem. The driver also went into the general settings and reset the network. It still didn't open the Uber app.

Lets see how long it takes to respond on this Uber driver app issue. This is the first time the UberX driver experienced a network issue with their Uber phone. It never happened on Lyft and SideCar. Check back to see how this app issue gets resolved.

Uber informed the driver to tap on the App Update button, which is a light blue "U" and this should update the Uber driver app. The Uber driver app works now. It took a few hours to resolve this app issue.

Steps to relaunch Uber driver app:

Step 1: Locate the light blue "App Update" with "U" button. Tap on this icon.
Step 2: A popup for updating the driver app will request for install.
Step 3: Press install button.
Step 4: Uber app will load in a clock like motion.
Step 5: Uber driver app will work again.

Thank Uber's support for their fast service. Without Uber support, this driver would be grounded. Uber On drivers!