Monday, August 04, 2014

Why didn't a driver receive a cancellation fee?

UberX drivers may notice that a client cancellation after 5 minutes didn't incur a $5 fee. Why are drivers not compensated with a $5 fee after a client cancels a ride request?

According to Uber, clients are given one free pass on a cancellation. Therefore, clients can cancel any ride and won't get charged a $5 cancellation fee. 

Why is this a concern for UberX drivers? UberX drivers may take a risk driving many miles to pick up a client and this ride is unexpectedly canceled without warning. Clients may cancel this ride once the driver reaches the pick-up spot. If this client never canceled a previous ride, they get a free pass. 

The biggest losers in this cancellation policy are the drivers. If drivers don't get compensated for their time, they lose out making money. Driving 10-25 miles to retrieve a client can result in a canceled ride, no compensation, lost opportunities, and wasted time and fuel. 

Clients have been positioned at the wrong address. They tend to move away from the requested address. Furthermore, clients assume they canceled a ride when in fact they never submitted this request. Assuming and doing are two different operations. Clients are hurting the drivers for failing to cancel rides before this vehicle arrives at the pick-up point. 

This cancellation policy requires a major revision. It should only apply to close pick-ups rather than clients being no-shows, and/or canceling their rides when their drivers already reached the location. If drivers are tasked with making long trips to make pick-ups, and clients are no-shows and/or cancel these rides, there should be a minimum charge applied to these client accounts. 

This is where taxi services thrive. They require flat rate fees to make long distance pick-ups. If the passenger fails to appear, then taxis don't lose out. Ride app clients are being irresponsible with abusing this first cancellation pass. Is it fair to request a pick them up at a distant location, and then call to inform the driver you don't need this ride at the pick-up point? No. It is terrible to do this. 

This driver lost valuable business during the peak time hours. They wasted their gas and time traveling to make this pick-up. Clients expect top-notch service, but they don't return the same respect. These clients are vocal about their drivers rushing through lights, not yielding to pedestrians, driving as quickly as possible when they're late, and reaching pick-up addresses on the time the app claims when this doesn't account for traffic, construction and road closures. 

Drivers must beware that clients will use their free cancellation pass on long distance requests. Don't take a chance to make a long trip without first contacting this client to make sure they will be present. This is the best advice we can give you on this cancellation policy. Watch out on this cancellation policy because some clients don't care if you lose time and money.