Tuesday, August 05, 2014

What would ridesharing service be in the computer and car industries?

Ridesharing services UberX, Lyft and SideCar are the top competitors in the ridesharing space. Thousands of clients/passengers/riders use these three ride app services on a daily basis.

The introduction of these technological app-based platforms have single handedly changed the dynamics of transportation. Consumers are now equipped with powerful applications to request rides with a few taps. Drivers are available at all times of the day and night to provide quality and affordable ridesharing services.

UberX, Lyft and SideCar have a large gasp on on-demand ridesharing. If these ridesharing services were stacked up against computers and cars, what would they be?

Uber's UberX ridesharing service resembles Apple and BMW & Mercedes. Lyft has that HP and Acura appeal. Lastly, SideCar is more in align with Dell computers and Honda cars.

The quality of UberX compares to the vision of Apple and high-quality, smooth handling and luxury of BMW & Mercedes cars. The hipness of Lyft fits HP computers and models Acura's high performance and comfortability. SideCar gets the job done to produce in volume such as basic Dell computers and affordable Honda vehicles. Each of these ridesharing divisions are highly confident on their mission to dominate transportation.

Ridesharing services will soon take secondary meaning in our society. It took up until 2010 to launch ridesharing services. As legal hurdles are jumped, UberX, Lyft and SideCar will expand into smaller markets and dominate the transportation industry.

The new 49ers stadium designated a section for ridesharing services to make pick-ups and drop-offs. This recognition of ridesharing service reducing traffic and keeping drunk drivers off the roads.

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Happy Ridesharing!