Tuesday, August 05, 2014

What passengers dislike about Lyft?

Lyft is a trendy on-demand ridesharing company. Their app-based service, established in San Francisco in 2012, enables passengers to connect with drivers who are active on the Lyft platform.

Lyft drivers must wear a Pink Mustache on the front of their car grill, which is an identifying trade dress approved under the CPUC and as part of the TNC (Transportation Network Company). Additionally, Lyft drivers are expected to fist-bump all passengers entering their vehicle. Good luck drivers if you're using a van to go lyfting!

Ridesharing services like Lyft are UberX and SideCar. The main competitor of Lyft is UberX. The two ridesharing divisions have sparred like Rocky and the Russian, Drago, in Rocky IV.

Lyft has expanded their ridesharing service across the United States. Recently, Lyft launched in New York City after agreeing to abide by state transportation regulations and stay in agreement with the TLC. Lyft is set to launch in Orlando, Florida, but local law enforcement announced that drivers will be issued citations for giving rides without a proper license.

Ridesharing app users are vocal on what they dislike about Lyft. The follow include what former, current and non-Lyft passengers have shared while riding inside other ridesharing vehicles:
  •  I will never drive in anything with a Pink Mustache. It is silly and weird. 
  • Why does Lyft enforce the Facebook policy? I refuse to use Lyft just for their Facebook standards. No way will I ride with Lyft! 
  • I don't like all the extreme Lyft themes. A simple ride to my destination is good enough for me. Don't need all those tacky extras. We're not at a circus! 
  • The fist-bumping is irritating. I'm too tired to be fist-bumping a driver. We're not at a sporting event. This is just a ride from Point A to Point B. 
  • This Lyft driver wouldn't stop contacting me. He seemed so desperate to get a date. Quite annoying! 
  • What is the name of that Pink Mustache thingy? I see them all over the city. I don't see myself riding in one of those cars. Too goofy for me. 
  • Lyft drivers are inpatient. I submitted a ride request. Once the driver, he only waited one minute and left. While walking down the stairs, I got notified of this driver's cancellation. I was late to work that morning. No patience whatsoever!
  • Lyft drivers talk too much. I'm not interested in having a therapy session. All I want is a ride home. 
  • I'm drunk! Just want a ride. That's it! 
  • Are these Lyft drivers trying to impress me with all this food? What is the catch? Will I rate better just because of these extras? No. 
  • Lyft cars are not always pleasant to drive in. I had my fair share of low-end rides. These are cars I would never see on the Uber platform. 
  • Why can't Lyft stop with the fist-bumps. Do you have an e-mail where I can request fist-bumping to stop? Please make it stop! 
  • Why does my ride cost so much? Did you start the app when you first accepted? It's strange my ride cost double than it did the last time from the exact same address. 
  • Lyft drivers are always in a hurry. We're not in a Nascar race. 
  • What is the deal with your passengers vomiting inside cars? That is rude and disgusting! 
  • Why do drivers have such a tough time finding me. I'm standing right on the corner. I'm here! 
  • Oh, Lyft is that wannabe taxi service. 
  • I left my purse in your car. Why do I have to meet you in Oakland. Can you come back to San Francisco? I will pay you. You can't give me back my purse until tomorrow? This is last time I use Lyft. 
  • Where is my cell phone? I left it in your car. Can you meet me at a Starbucks down the street from my house? I feel better if we meet somewhere else, not at my house. Please accommodate me. 
As you can see, ridesharing users are vocal about their dislikes for Lyft. Even though current passengers continue to use Lyft, they have their bones to pick with this ridesharing company. Annoying, over-the-top, disgusting, frustrating, goofy, weird, and strange are common remarks attached to Lyft.

Lyft drivers also rate their passengers unfairly. These low ratings impact a passenger's ability to get rides at night. In our opinion, a good number of Lyft drivers pick and choose passengers based on their rating. They won't trust a lower rated 4.5-4.70 as much as an excellent 4.8-5.0 riders. Go figure!

This star rating system is abused too often. At times, both Lyft drivers and passengers are out for revenge. Passengers have no idea that their ratings can get a driver terminated. If they knew of this practice to deactivate and/or fire drivers, they would not submit a low rating.   

Be our guest and ride with Lyft. If you're tired from working and/or don't want to get hit on, inform this Lyft driver if it's cool I want to relax until we arrive at my home. 

Happy Lyfting!